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Rápido Ochoa Bus Routes and Timings

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Santa Marta to Sincelejo08:0022:00BOOK NOW
Monteria to Bogota10:3521:15BOOK NOW
Medellin to Bogota04:0023:15BOOK NOW
Medellin to La Dorada Cal07:4022:30BOOK NOW
Riohacha to Medellin09:0018:30BOOK NOW

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About Rapido Ochoa

Rapido Ochoa is a company that is dedicated to road transportation of passengers, shipping and parcel transport that has been operating since 1958, the year of its foundation in the city of Medellin. Rapido Ochoa began covering the route to Barranquilla by gradually adding more destinations in the Southwest Antioquia and the Atlantic Coast such as Sincelejo, Monteria, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Valledupar, Riohacha and Maicao. Over time, Rapido Ochoa included routes to areas of the interior of the country such as Bogota, Bucaramanga and Pereira, as well as on the Pacific Coast promptly in Cali and Quibdo, the latter, one of the most frequented given its shortage in the bus market. In total, Rapido Ochoa offers more than 60 routes nationwide.

Rapido Ochoa works hard to improve its service to provide its customers with a great experience when traveling. Not surprisingly, Rapido Ochoa has been recognized in a couple of opportunities as the company with the best safety and quality statements in passenger and cargo transportation in Colombia. To achieve and maintain these high standards, Rapido Ochoa has more than 900 employees, each trained in a role to achieve the best service.

Rapido Ochoa’s fleet not only focuses on being very safe when traveling, but also provides several comforts to passengers on each of the routes. Rapido Ochoa buses are large capacity in which a user can enjoy air conditioning, foot rest, individual screens, reclining chairs, connectors, WiFi, bathroom and TV.

Rapido Ochoa also has the option of money orders with regulated rates, wide coverage and short delivery times in all of the company's offices. Currently, Rapido Ochoa operates as a banking correspondent for Bancolombia, providing through this alliance the services of deposits, consignments, withdrawals, transfers, balance inquiries, collections and payment of banking products in 18 of Rapido Ochoa’s offices nationwide.

Rapido Ochoa's Phone â˜Ž: (+57) (4) 4448888

Email âœ‰: scliente@rapidoochoa.com

Rapido Ochoa Bus Service On Board

  • Personal Screens (1st floor)
  • TV (2nd floor)
  • Reclining seats
  • Outlets
  • Wifi

Agencies of Rapido Ochoa

  • Aguachica ▶ Address: Conexión Puerto Berrio: Calle 5 # 36 -54, Barrio María Eugenia ☎ Phone: (+57) (5) 565 5391 - (+57) (4) 444 8888

Cancelation Policies

There´s no time limit to cancel, however there's a 20% penalty.

Bus Amenities


Q-1). If I buy a Rapido Ochoa ticket in advance for the high season, do I have to pay extra when the travel date arrives?
A: Changes in fares don’t apply to tickets that have been bought in advance. If the purchase confirmation arrives to the customer's mail, the paid value for the ticket will remain until it decides to travel. If this confirmation does not arrive, the price of the tickets will vary, depending on the season of the year.
Q-2). Does Rapido Ochoa offer express travel?
A: Yes. Rapido Ochoa has a bus rental service for some type of event to different regions of Colombia. Business or tourist trips are the ones that more express trips request.
Q-3). How much baggage can I take?
A: All passengers have the right to carry a piece of luggage of 15 kg in the trunk and a hand luggage of no more than 10 kg. Users traveling in Rey Dorado Lo Maximo can carry two suitcases, each of 15 kg, in addition to hand luggage.
Q-4). Can I travel with my pet?
A: In Rapido Ochoa there is room for pets, both inside the buses and in the cellar. All depends on the size of the animal, the smallest being those that can travel inside the bus. In both cases, pets must have a vaccination card, wear a diaper and travel sedated, and they must always be inside a ventilated cage. The cages that fit under the chairs can travel inside the bus and those that do not, must do so in the trunk.
Q-5). What are the policies of minors?
A: Each passenger can travel with a child under a maximum of 5 years, who can be carried in its arms during the entire journey, as long as the child is not more than 1.10cm. If an adult travels with two children under 5, it must pay for a second seat. Children between 5 and 12 years old cannot travel without an adult and must pay and take a seat. Minors between 12 and 17 years old can travel alone with their ID and with the authorization of transport of minors previously filled out by their attendant.
Q-6). Do I need to print my bus ticket before boarding?
A: Yes, you need to print your bus ticket before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print the ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format. Then, it will be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company.
Q-7). How can I pay my bus ticket in the redBus website?
A: In redBus we have many payment options that we offer to our clients. The most popular payment option are the credit cards but you can consult all of them in the home page of the website redbus.co
Q-8). Do I have to pay any surplus to use to buy my tickets through redBus?
A: The prices that are handled in redBus are the same that are handled in the ticket offices and agencies of each of the bus operators.
Q-9). Can I buy the ticket in someone else's name?
A: Yes. A person other than the one who is traveling can buy tickets online. The important thing is that the passenger data is noted in the document to be printed and delivered at the different ticket offices.
Q-10). Is redBus a bus comany?
A: redBus is a platform that connects travelers with different bus companies so they can travel through the different destinations in Colombia. redBus does not have its own vehicles, but is an intermediary between the users and the companies that provide the service.