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Cotaxi Bus Routes and Timings

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Manzanares to Bucaramanga08:1511:00BOOK NOW
Cucuta to Sardinata17:0017:00BOOK NOW
Bucaramanga to Tamalameque03:3013:00BOOK NOW
Bucaramanga to Mariquita04:0016:00BOOK NOW
Pailitas to Bucaramanga09:3016:30BOOK NOW

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About Cotaxi

Cooperativa Multiactiva de Taxistas y Transportadores Unidos Ltda COTAXI is a cooperative dedicated to the terrestrial transport of passengers and cargo, that operates continuously since October 31, 1961 on various routes in the Colombian region. Cotaxi began covering the departments of Santander, Norte de Santander, Cesar, Magdalena and Caldas, mainly on the routes to Cucuta, Barrancabermeja, Aguachica, Valledupar and Pamplona, as the most frequent destinations. Cotaxi was created by 25 Founding Associates and 15 Co-Founder Associates in order to group the taxi owners of the city of Bucaramanga, to offer a different transportation alternative to the community.

Cotaxi has an extensive fleet of vehicles with which it provides passenger transport nationwide, in the special service, travel and tourism modalities. Cotaxi is constantly updating its automotive fleet, making its operations more efficient and allowing its customers to provide a better quality of service. Logically, Cotaxi also provides metropolitan taxi services, to which cargo transport and national parcels and transfers are added. Currently, Cotaxi has more than 250 buses, 450 taxis and about 200 vehicles dedicated to freight transport.

In 2010, Cotaxi received the distinction of Bucaramanga’s Council and the Santanderean society for its contributions to the development of the region, a mission that continues with its constant renewal and improvement of its processes to give the passenger an excellent service. Additionally, Cotaxi receives the ICONTEC quality certification in 2013, thanks to its management processes and service quality. Currently, Cotaxi is also present in the marketing of auto parts, vehicle lubrication and fuel sales. Recently, it became an active and renewal seller of mandatory SOAT insurance.

Cotaxi's Services

Cotaxi's onboard services include: Reclining chairs at 120°, Air conditioning, Tv and Music, although the services vary from one model to another.

Their fleet

Cotaxi's fleet offers buses in the modality of Regular Buses.

Their Routes

Cotaxi´s main routes are:

● Bucaramanga - Cucuta
● Aguachica - Bucaramanga
● Bucaramanga - Ocaña
● Bucaramanga - San Alberto
● San Alberto - Bucaramanga

Cotaxi's Phone : 01 8000 954 080

Email :

Cotaxi Bus Service On Board

  • Seats reclinable up to 120°
  • Air conditioning
  • Tv
  • Music

Cotaxi´s Agency

  • Aguachica; ▶ Address: Terminal de Transportes Cr. 12 No. 7 - 62 Módulo 6 - 15 ; ☎ Phone: +57 3138700052

Cotaxi's Cancelation Policies

Cancellations in Cotaxi are made 2 hours before the bus departs. Any additional modification can be made directly with the company by phone. 


Q: What is cotaxi's health protocol for dealing with COVID - Coronavirus?
A: Cotaxi's new policies include biosecurity standards such as mandatory use of face masks and constant use of antibacterial gel.
Q: What are cotaxi's most important destinations?
A: ● Bucaramanga - Cucuta ● Aguachica - Bucaramanga ● Bucaramanga - Ocaña ● Bucaramanga - San Alberto ● San Alberto - Bucaramanga
Q: I'm going to travel with a child, does she or he needs to have a ticket?
A: Children under 3 years old do not have to pay for the ticket.
Q: How much luggage can I take with me without paying extra?
A: Remember that each passenger can carry a suitcase and it cannot weigh more than 15 kg.
Q: I am not going to travel, how can I reschedule my trip or get a refund?
A: Cancellations in Cotaxi are made 2 hours before the bus departs. Any additional modification can be made directly with the company by phone.
Q: Does cotaxi offer discounts or promotions?
A: If you are looking for a special discount, please contact the company directly.
Q: Can I request a Private Service at Cotaxi
A: In addition to the vans and minibuses service, Cotaxi offers cars for travel in urban areas.
Q: Can I travel with my pet?
A: Pets must travel in the hold of the bus in a crate that does not exceed 35cm in height, in addition to wearing a diaper.
Q: What is the phone number of the company Cotaxi?
A: The phone number of Cotaxi is 01 8000 954 080
Q: What's the mail from Cotaxi?
A: The e-mail of Cotaxi is
Q: What is the total number of routes covered by Cotaxi daily?
A: Cotaxi covers 400 routes (approx.) daily.
Q: What is the total number of buses that have departures on company nights Cotaxi?
A: There are 22 night bus departures for the company Cotaxi.Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?
Q: Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?
A: Yes, you must print it before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print their bus ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format and then be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company with which you are going to make the trip.
Q: Can I buy the ticket in someone else's name?
A: Yes. A person different from the one who is going to travel can buy the tickets online. The important thing is that the passenger's information is recorded in the document to be printed and delivered to the different ticket offices.