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Expreso Brasilia Bus Routes and Timings

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Cartagena to Pamplona06:0011:00BOOK NOW
Aguachica to Cucuta00:3523:45BOOK NOW
Cerete to Riohacha05:2522:20BOOK NOW
Puerto Berrio to Maicao22:4522:45BOOK NOW
Covenas to Caucasia10:1510:15BOOK NOW

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About Expreso Brasilia

Expreso Brasilia is one of the main bus companies in Colombia, having wide coverage nationwide. Expreso Brasilia was founded in Barranquilla in 1961 with multiple routes in its beginnings in the department of Atlantico and the Caribbean Coast. Over time, Expreso Brasilia’s routes expanded throughout the country exceeding the number of 1000 national destinations, covering areas such as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, the Pacific Coast and the Coffee Region, among other important regions, as well as areaching to countries like Peru and Venezuela. Expreso Brasilia has 450 buses, 60 agencies and 250 sale points distributed throughout Colombia.

Expreso Brasilia’s services include shipping to different regions of the country, with a fast, safe and effective time of delivery. Another service of Expreso Brasilia is the money transfers from one city to another, all this withdrawing at the points of sale in the different agencies and shopping centers of the country. Expreso Brasilia has the modality of renting its buses for corporate transport for the transfer of employees and companies in general. Express Brasilia also has the service of Unitransco with which it has complementary routes to have a much wider coverage.

Expreso Brasilia’s Fleet consists mainly of Mercedes Benz and Chevrolet buses with Marcopolo bodywork. All of Expreso Brasilia’s vehicles have a modern communication system between the central and each bus. Express Brasilia also has a didactic bus, a pioneer in Latin America, which allows drivers to practice their skills, improve their knowledge of traffic signals and have an effective defensive and driving management. The entire fleet of Expreso Brasilia constantly goes through techno-mechanical reviews to provide a safe, comfortable, friendly, accomplished and modern service.

Expreso Brasilia has a strong security policy for the prevention of traffic accidents while traveling on different roads in the country. Its safety standards in the operational area and at the company's facilities, have the clear objective of minimizing vehicle risk, which is why the more than 1500 employees of Expreso Brasilia go through the due process of preparation to overcome any eventuality that may affect both the physical, mental and social integrity of the nearly 4 million passengers who move annually with Brasilia Express in addition to the personnel on board.

Expreso Brasilia not only stands out for being at the forefront of transport, but for having an outstanding corporate social responsibility, achieving a great economic, social and environmental benefit to contribute to Barranquilla’s culture. For this, the campaign Expreso Brasilia con destino a tu Corazón (Expreso Brasilia to your heart) was created in 2005, which seeks to address the health, education and recreation of children and young people with limited resources in the populations of the Caribbean region. In the case of the benefits for Expreso Brasilia employees, student scholarships, recreational vacations, trainings and training, cultural and sports activities, and the Cásate con Expreso Brasilia (Get Marry with Expreso Brasilia) plan to collaborate in staff marriages stand out.

Expreso Brasilia's Phone : 01 8000 51 8001

Email : contactenos@expresobrasilia.com

Expreso Brasilia Bus Service On Board

  • Food service
  • Personal headsets and screens
  • Outlets
  • GPS
  • Wifi
  • Toilet

Agencies of Expreso Brasilia

  • Aguachica ▶ Address: Terminal de transportes ; Carrera 12 # 7-62 ; ☎ Phone: (035) 565 0607 - 321 547 0204

Cancelation Policies

If by any circumstance the client decides not to use the ticket, the refund must be requested in the place of origin 4 hours before the departure of the bus. If the hour of the departure has passed, the client may request for a reschedule for a new date until 6 months after the cancelation.

Bus Amenities


Q-1). How much luggage can I carry on my trip?
A: Each passenger has the right to transport two bags in the trunk, each with a weight under 25kg. Any piece of luggage that exceeds this weight must be sent as a parcel and its value will be charged a part of the bus ticket.
Q-2). Do I have my seat guaranteed if I buy my ticket well in advance?
A: Seats are reserved if the ticket has the date, travel time and bus model. If the ticket is open, the client has to arrive two hours before the trip to the ticket office to find a seat on the bus.
Q-3). If the bus is delayed, will I get my money back?
A: In case that the bus departure is delayed, the customer can approach the ticket office and request the return of its money.
Q-4). Do buses make stops on their journeys?
A: Most journeys are direct services. Only in some cases, there are previously scheduled stops at the different agencies of Expreso Brasilia to pick up other passengers
Q-5). What restrictions does hand luggage have?
A: There are no major restrictions on carry-on luggage, as long as they are large enough to fit in the pigeons. If they do not fit in this section they should be stored in the trunk. Caring for carry-on luggage is the responsibility of the passenger.
Q-6). Do I need to print my bus ticket before boarding?
A: Yes, you need to print your bus ticket before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print the ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format. Then, it will be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company.
Q-7). How can I pay my bus ticket in the redBus website?
A: In redBus we have many payment options that we offer to our clients. The most popular payment option are the credit cards but you can consult all of them in the home page of the website redbus.co
Q-8). Do I have to pay any surplus to use to buy my tickets through redBus?
A: The prices that are handled in redBus are the same that are handled in the ticket offices and agencies of each of the bus operators.
Q-9). Can I buy the ticket in someone else's name?
A: Yes. A person other than the one who is traveling can buy tickets online. The important thing is that the passenger data is noted in the document to be printed and delivered at the different ticket offices.
Q-10). Is redBus a bus comany?
A: redBus is a platform that connects travelers with different bus companies so they can travel through the different destinations in Colombia. redBus does not have its own vehicles, but is an intermediary between the users and the companies that provide the service.