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About Coveñas

Coveñas is a Colombean city located in the Sucre Department, north of the country. It was founded as a port called Hacienda Santa Bárbara de Cobeña. It later became one of the most important caribbean port for the Republic of Colombia.The history of the city begins with a spaniard named Julián Patrón Airiarte, who began as a ñame trader and gathered enough capital which in turn allowed him to begin a slave trading enterprise.Its business flourished, and its hacienda expanded to become a significant part of what is now Coveñas. At the start of the XXth century, several industries bloomed in the city, which in turn led to the construction of an Industrial Complex and raised the demand for workers and permanent city residents. Also, since the decade of 1960, Coveñas has invested considerably in tourism infrastructure, and is now a frequently visited destination by both colombians and foreigners.

Travel tips for Coveñas

We recommend you take some time to visit Tolú, a small fishing town with ecotourism and diving attractions located close to Coveñas. From there you can depart on trips to Caribbean Islands.If you plan on visiting Coveñas and Tolú, we recommend you make reservations in due time.If you have planned to move around the regions in Colombia, you might be asked to have the yellow fever vaccine. Other vaccines that you should consider -in case you travel to rainforest areas- are the tetanus vaccine and the hepatitis A/B.The electric current kind used in Colombia is 110-volt AC (110 V), with a frequence of 60 Hz. We recommend you to have a plug adapter if you travel to places that use other voltage to avoid that the electronic devices suffer a short-circuit and don't work.

Coveñas weather

Best time to visit Coveñas

The best time to visit Coveñas is during the Summer, when you will be able to enjoy the beach at its fullest. Rains are frequent all year long.

Climate in Coveñas

The climate in Coveñas is that of a Tropical Savanna. It has an average annual temperature of 80 °F. It rains moderately during the summer.

Things to do in Coveñas

Nightlife in Coveñas

Tropical Cocktails

Location: Tolú-Lorica Highway near Playas Segunda Ensenadas
Hours: Unknown
Price: Unknown
Pub perfect for a relaxing and having some drinks by the sea.

Where to eat in Coveñas

Restaurante el Laguito

Location: Vía de la playa
Hours: Unknown
Price: Unknown
Restaurant known for its seafood. Is an ample and excellent place that allows you to enjoy to view of the sea.

Sabores Del PERÚ

Location: Cra. 4 #11-20
Hours: Unknown
Price: Unknown
Rated as one of the best restaurants in Coveñas, offers typical dishes of both Colombia and Peru.

The tourist places to see in Coveñas are

Museum Park of the Marines

Location:Tramo Ortíz
Hours: Unknown
Price: Unknown
Modern Museum that hosts the history of the country's Marines Moderno Museo que alberga la historia de la infantería de marina del país.

The things to do in Coveñas

La Caimanera Swamp

Location: Outside Coveñas
Hours: Unknown
Precio: Unknown
Swamp with impressive natural vistas. You can travel through the mangroves and observe the unique flora and fauna. There are also some restaurants in the area.

Ecopark Laderas de Villeros

Location: Outside Coveñas
Hours: Unknown
Precio: Unknown
Extensive park for the realization of outdoor activities and for the preservation of local flora and fauna.

La Coquerita Beach

Location: Near Lineal Park
Hours: All day long
Precio: Free entrance
Beautiful caribbean beach with tempered and crystal clear waters.

Typical dishes in Coveñas

Rice with Fried Coconut

Coconut Water mixed with grated coconut, which is then caramelized and used to prepare the rice. The result is a bittersweet rice portion used to accompany other dishes.

Mote de Queso

Soup made of ñame, prepared with a stew and with cheese.


Round slices of saltied fried bananas, which serve as an appetizer.

How to reach Coveñas

Coveñas by train

There is currently no passenger train service that has Coveñas as a destination.

Coveñas by flight

The town is served by the Coveñas Airport, which is operated by the Colombean Navy. It does offer domestic flights from time to time.

Coveñas by bus

In Coveñas you will be able to find frecuent trips to other neighboring towns such as Tolú and Lorica. The distance to Cartagena is 3 hours and 10 minutes, and the fare is around 30 000 COP. From there you will be able to find connetions to any other city in Colombia.

Accomodations in Coveñas


    Location: calle 4 20 30 sector boca de la cienaga, 706050
    Price: Starting at 68 400 COP
    Comfortable hotel with an outdoor pool. Offers free wi-fi and is close to the beaches of Coveñas.

    Hotel Mediterraneo

    Location: Calle 6 # 3 - 20, La Coquerita, 130001
    Price: Starting at 60 000 COP
    Hotel that welcomes pets, offers free wi-fi and even has a restaurant.

Important dates in Coveñas

Sirenato del Mar(January)Beauty Pageant held in Tolú, where candidates from different regions of colombia participate.
Bull feasts(Varies)Bullfighting and other celebrations are held in Coveñas, and most of the population of the town participate.

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