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Sotrauraba Bus Routes and Timings

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Medellin to Anza07:4516:45BOOK NOW
Medellin to Santa Fe De Antioquia05:0023:00BOOK NOW
Medellin to Turbo05:0023:00BOOK NOW
Medellin to Mutata05:0023:15BOOK NOW
Medellin to Canasgordas05:0023:00BOOK NOW

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About Sotrauraba

The Sociedad Transportadora de Uraba, Sotrauraba, has been operating continuously since its foundation in 1957, when it was originally baptized under the name of Transportes Sopetran, since at that time Sopetr√°n was the main destination to and from where the routes went. He started with ladder cars with the need to replace the transfer of agricultural products between Sopetr√°n and Medellin, which for decades was carried out on a mule. With the passing of the years, it changed its name to Sotraurab√° in 1964, a name that emerged and that still remains, because it was an important axis of local progress in the Urab√° region, acquiring a social commitment to provide excellent service to community.

Definitely, Sotrauraba was vital for the development of the region, transporting both the workers and the materials necessary for the construction of the bridge over the Cauca River, which facilitated the trip to Santa Fe de Antioquia. Subsequently, Sotrauraba, continued adding destinations to its portfolio, highlighting the Turbo route, thus being not only the first company to reach this place, but the first Antioquia company that reached the sea. In the 80s, Sotraurab√° moved its place of operations to the then newly opened Terminal del Norte de Medellin.

Popular destinations of Sotrauraba 

Sotrauraba top destinations

Sotrauraba`s Fleet is over 400 buses, all of them less than 5 years old to achieve travel safety and the trust of the more than 2 million passengers who travel with Sotrauraba annually. Currently, Sotraurabá is the leading company in inter-municipal public transport of passengers and parcels that communicate daily to Medellín with the Urabá and western Antioquia regions. The main destinations of Sotrauraba are Apartado, Buriticá, Dadeiba, Sabanalarga, and logically Medellin. Sotrauraba governs its internal policies, in accordance with the current regulations of the Ministry of Transport.

Sotrauraba is a company in constant movement, always seeking perfection both in the development of its operations and in the well-being, not only of its clients, but also of its employees, who are the ones who keep alive the enthusiasm with which this company began. more than 50 years. The sense of belonging that Sotraurab√° has achieved in the Antioquia community is not only due to the fact that it united the urban area with the rural one, but also allows athletes, students, peasants and low-income users to use the service in several cases. free of charge, in addition to being an important source of employment throughout the department of Antioquia.

Sotrauraba's Services

Sotrauraba's onboard services include: Reclining leather chairs, TV, WIFI, Air conditioning and Power outlet.

Their fleet

Sotrauraba's fleet offers buses in the Executive mode.

Their Routes

Sotrauraba¬īs main routes are:

‚óŹ Medellin - Apartado
‚óŹ Medellin - Frontino
‚óŹ Medellin - Peque
‚óŹ Medellin - Turbo
‚óŹ Medellin - Buritica
‚óŹ Medellin - Belen De Bajira
‚óŹ Medellin - Ca√Īasgordas
‚óŹ Medellin - Carepa
‚óŹ Medellin - Nutibara
‚óŹ Medellin - Sabanalarga

Sotrauraba¬īs Contact and Phone Number

Sotrauraba Phone ‚ėé: 444 5873
Email ‚úČ: 

Sotrauraba Bus Types

The various types of buses run by Sotrauraba are:   

  • Linea Premium
  • linea Light
  • Linea Micro
  • Linea Colectiva
  • Linea Express
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Sotrauraba Bus Service On Board

  • Reclinable leather seats
  • TV
  • WIFI
  • Air conditioning
  • Electric Sockets

Sotrauraba's Contact Number

  • Medellin ‚Ė∂ Address: Terminal de Transportes del Norte, local 9844 ; ‚ėé Phone: 444 5873

Cancelation Policies

Cancellations in Sotrauraba must be made up to 2 hours of the trip and a 0% penalty. For changes and postponements, check with the transport company. 


Q: What is Sotrauraba's health protocol for dealing with COVID - Coronavirus?
A: Sotrauraba attends to current government measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, complying with strict security protocols and complying with current regulations decreed by the National Government.
Q: What are Sotrauraba's most important destinations?
A: ‚óŹ Medellin - Apartado ‚óŹ Medellin - Frontino ‚óŹ Medellin - Peque ‚óŹ Medellin - Turbo ‚óŹ Medellin - Buritica‚óŹ Medellin - Belen De Bajira ‚óŹ Medellin - Ca√Īasgordas ‚óŹ Medellin - Carepa ‚óŹ Medellin - Nutibara ‚óŹ Medellin - Sabanalarga
Q: I'm going to travel with a child, does she or he needs to have a ticket?
A: Children over 3 years old cannot travel being carried by an adult in Sotraurab√°. They must pay for a seat.
Q: How much luggage can I take with me without paying extra?
A: The luggage you transport cannot exceed 15kg.
Q: I am not going to travel, how can I reschedule my trip or get a refund?
A: Cancel your tickets 2 hours in advance to be able to reschedule your ticket for a future date. There is no refund, but rescheduling has no additional cost to what you already paid.
Q: Does Sotrauraba offer discounts or promotions?
A: Minors between 8 and 14 years of age can travel on their own. For greater security, the company makes available the supervision of personnel during the journey. It should be borne in mind that this accompaniment service will not be provided to people with special conditions who need personalized attention. This service can be requested at the bus operator's ticket offices.
Q: Can I request a Private Service at Sotrauraba
A: In Sotrauraba you can book door-to-door services, with a previous reservation. The Express Uraba Line service operates in Medellin, Mutata, Chigorodo, Carepa, Apartado, Turbo and Necocli, while the Express Occidente Line provides its service in Medellin, Liborina, Frontino and Peque. For its part, the Express Suroeste Line covers Medellin and Tamesis.
Q: Can I travel with my pet?
A: To travel with your pet, it is important that it wears a diaper and a vaccination card. In Sotrauraba pets travel in the cellar in a rigid box of maximum 35cm high.
Q: What is the phone number of the company Sotrauraba?
A: The telephone number of the Company Sotrauraba is 444 5873
Q: What's the mail from Sotrauraba?
A: The e-mail of the Comany Sotrauraba is
Q: What is the total number of routes covered by Sotrauraba daily?
A: Sotrauraba covers 263 routes (approx.) daily.
Q: What is the total number of buses that have departures on company nights Sotrauraba?
A: There are 53 night bus departures for the company Sotrauraba.Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?
Q: Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?
A: Yes, you must print it before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print their bus ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format and then be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company with which you are going to make the trip.
Q: Can I buy the ticket in someone else's name?
A: Yes. A person different from the one who is going to travel can buy the tickets online. The important thing is that the passenger's information is recorded in the document to be printed and delivered to the different ticket offices.

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