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Berlinas del Fonce Most Popular Routes

RouteLowest ticket price (*)Average travel time
Bogota to Bucaramanga $80,0009 hours
Bucaramanga to Bogota $80,0009 hours
Bogota to Cucuta $120,00014 hours
Cucuta to Bogota $120,00014 hours
Bogota to Santa Marta $130,00017 hours
Santa Marta to Bogota $130,00017 hours
Cartagena to Bogota $160,00020 hours
Bucaramanga to Santa Marta $85,00010 hours
Barranquilla to Bogota $130,00019 hours
Bogota to Barranquilla $140,00019 hours

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Health Measures from Berlinas del Fonce for protection from COVID - 19

BERLINAS DEL FONCE, has obtained the certification CHECK-IN COVID 19 BIOSEGURO.

What is it?

The check-in certification Covid 19 biosecurity is an initiative of the National Government, which has the support of the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) and the WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council), to inform the public of the validity of the protocols of biosecurity and to reaffirm the commitment with the health of the passengers, workers, and suppliers of Berlinas del Fonce.

How is it obtained?

The inspection, evaluation and certification company SGS evaluated both the administrative and operative processes of Berlinas del Fonce regarding biosecurity, audited and fulfilled 100% of the requirements, receiving the certification for inter-municipal passenger transport, special transport, and tourism.

What does it mean?

This certification is granted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism to companies that carry out good practices and implementation of biosecurity indicated by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, which minimizes the risks of contagion during the provision of the service. 

About Berlinas del Fonce Bus Company

Berlinas del Fonce is one of the pioneering companies in passenger transport in Colombia. It was founded in San Gil, Santander in 1954, completely revolutionizing the bus industry in the country, offering new security policies that until then have not been This allowed passengers to feel supported by Berlinas del Fonce from the first moment, and to consider it as the best option for their trips. Logically this did not stop there, because year after year, Berlinas del Fonce stands out for showing new technological and innovative advances without neglecting their values ​​and the human warmth that has characterized them throughout these decades of work.

To the passenger transportation of Berlinas del Fonce, tourism services are added, mainly on the coast, such as Daytour, Citytour, Tour, and Pasadía, as well as the famous and renowned Santa Marta Paradisíaca, Barranquilla tourist, and historic Cartagena. They also have vehicle rentals for group and cargo transfers and parcels to the aforementioned cities in Colombia.

Popular destinations of Berlinas del Fonce:

Berlinas del Fonce Destinations

Berlinas del Fonce Onboard Services

Berlinave Plus1Stall-type reclinable seats, air conditioning, individual screens, Wifi, electrical outlets, restroom.
Berlinave Plus2Reclinable seats, air conditioning, individual screens, Wifi, electrical outlets, restroom.
Berlinave Super Confort1Reclinable seats, air conditioning, individual screens, Wifi, electrical outlets, restroom.

Berlinas del Fonce's Bus Fleet

For all its routes, Berlinas del Fonce has a wide and attractive fleet of buses equipped with all the necessary comforts for a trip such as reclining chairs, air conditioning, WiFi, bathrooms, televisions, and GPS monitoring. These services on board vary from one bus to another, but all modalities of Berlinas del Fonce allow you to travel in very pleasant conditions. Berlinas del Fonce's fleet is divided in 4 models: Berlinave Plus, Berlinave Super Confort, Berlinave Premium, and Berlinave Super Premium.

Berlinas del Fonce's Routes

Berlinas del Fonce´s main routes are:

● Bucaramanga - Bogota 

● Bogota - Cucuta 

● Cucuta - Bogota 

● Santa Marta - Bogota 

● Bogota - Santa Marta 

● Santa Marta - Bucaramanga 

● Bogota - Barranquilla 

● Bucaramanga - Barranquilla 

● Bogota - Cartagena 

● Barranquilla - Bucaramanga

(*) About Berlinas del Fonce price table:

The prices shown in the table are the prices found for the day 23/08/23, these prices are modified day by day so they should only be taken as a reference. In addition, the company can modify them without prior notice and they will not be immediately reflected on our website.

Berlinas del Fonce's Services

● Berlinave Plus: It has reclinable wide seats on the first floor and ergonomic seats on the second, with air conditioning, Wifi, electrical outlets, snacks, and restroom.

● Berlinave Super Confort: One-floor service with reclinable seats, air conditioning, electrical outlet, GPS, Wifi, entertainment screens, and restroom.

Berlinas del Fonce's Telephone and Mail Information

● Telephone ☎: 318 354 5454 / (57)(1) 7435050 Opc. 2

● Email ✉:

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Berlinas Del Fonce's Services

  • Bogota ▶ Address: Terminal de Transporte Salitre: Modulo Rojo, Taquilla Berlinas ☎ Phone: Call Center (1)7435050 Opción 2 / (1)7435050 - Ext. 1415-141 / 3156020522

Cancellation Policies

Cancelations can be made until 3 hours before the trip, with a 20% penalty. Reschedules can be made after 3 months of the trip date, with a 10% penalty. For more information, you can contact the bus company. You can also check the passengers' contract on this link.

Luggage Policies

For more information about luggage policies, please enter this link


What documents do I need to travel?
At the time of the trip, you must show your ID, and the bus ticket to board the bus. For this reason, you have to print the bus ticket that was sent to the mail registered at the time of the purchase.
How far in advance can I buy a Berlinas del Fonce bus ticket on redBus?
You can purchase your Berlinas del Fonce bus tickets by searching the route and date you want to travel. Then, select Berlinas del Fonce on the Travel Name filter and done! redBys will display the bus schedule for the route and date selected.
Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?
Yes, you must print it before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print their bus ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format and then be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company with which you are going to make the trip.
Can I buy the ticket in someone else's name?
Yes. A person different from the one who is going to travel can buy the tickets online. The important thing is that the passenger's information is recorded in the document to be printed and delivered to the different ticket offices.
I didn't receive my bus ticket, what should I do?
If you did not receive the bus ticket in your mail, please contact Customer service will guide you through the process to solve any issue.
I'm not going to travel, can I reschedule my trip or get a refund?
Cancelations can be made until 3 hours before the trip, with a 10% penalty. Reschedules can be made after 3 months of the trip date, with a 10% penalty. For more information, you can contact the bus company.
What documents are required for underage people to travel?
For children, it is necessary to also present a notarial authorization, signed by the parents allowing the trip, with their IDs attached to the document. In case of the decease of any of the parents, or if the child is only recognized by one of them, the consent of the surviving parent will be enough.
From what age do kids have to pay for a bus ticket in Berlinas del Fonce?
Every passenger that wants to travel with an underage kid has to pay for an extra ticket if an extra seat is being occupied. If the kid is carried in the parent's arms, they don't have to pay for a bus ticket.
Can I travel with my pet?
Berlinas del Fonce only transports domestic animals. During high seasons, the company reserves the right to transport them. For more information, you can contact Berlinas del Fonce.
What offers or discounts are available for Berlinas del Fonce on redBus?
Belinas del Fonce offers the "Viajero Frecuente" program, where you can gain kilometers with your trips on Berlinas del Fonce.
What is Berlinas del Fonce's phone number?
318 354 5454
What is Berlinas del Fonce's mail?
What is the total number of routes covered by Berlinas del Fonce daily?
Berlinas del Fonce covers 112 daily.
How many daily departures at night does Berlinas del Fonce have?
Berlinas del Fonce covers 112 at night.