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Cookie Policy

  1. Objective:

    To inform Users about cookies, their purpose, and the way they are used by Ibibo, as well as to provide useful information on the possible effects of disabling cookies.

  2. Definitions:

    The policies set forth in this document use the definitions established in the Website Terms and Conditions and in our Privacy Policy, which are associated with this policy. Consequently, we suggest reviewing the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to complement or clarify the information contained herein.

    Cookies or navigation data: They are information files or text extracted from a Website or technological Application owned by Redbus or any of its related, affiliated, controlled or controlling companies, that are stored in the User’s navigator or device. Cookies enable a Website to store information on visits by Users, which allows providing a better and safer Website navigation experience. The cookies are associated both to registered and non-registered Website Users.

    Cookies are not a virus or any other type of malware that might damage User devices. Similarly, cookies do not delete or read the information on a User’s computer or device.

  3. Types of Cookies Used by Ibibo:
    1. Essential cookies. These cookies are essential for using the Website, in the sense that they facilitate the registration process and provide Users quicker and safer access to the Website services. Without these cookies, it is possible that Ibibo will not be able to offer Users certain Website services, and the Website might not operate as expected.
    2. Functional cookies. The use of functional cookies enables Ibibo, its related, affiliated, controlled or controlling companies, or third parties contracted to this effect, to personalize the Website services, by providing each User information that is or may be of interest to the User, based on the way the User uses the services and the specific Website pages visited. These cookies enable Ibibo, its related, affiliated, controlled or controlling companies, or third parties contracted to this effect, to offer Users a better and quicker Website navigation experiencer.
    3. Analysis or Performance Cookies. These cookies enable Ibibo, its related, affiliated, controlled or controlling companies, or third parties contracted to this effect, to analyze and study the information that was gathered in order to enhance the products and services that Ibibo offers Users. Ibibo, its related, affiliated, controlled or controlling companies, or third parties contracted to use the cookies, are the only parties that will have access to the information stored in cookies installed in the User’s equipment. The information stored in the cookies cannot be read or accessed by other Users.
  4. Disabling Cookies:

    Users can disable both the installation and use of cookies by Ibibo. In order to disable the installation and use of cookies, Users must follow the procedure established to this effect by the respective navigator.

  5. Consequences of disabling cookies:

    If the User disables the installation or use of the Website’s cookies, some functionalities may be affected, such as:

    • Entering the Website without having to input the username and password every time, which saves time and enables using functionalities such as bulletins, alerts, saved news, and others.
    • Publication of comments through the Website.
    • Unrestricted access to Website contents
    • Security in the information input in the Website.
    • Quick use of Website services
  6. Does Ibibo share the information with third parties?

    Ibibo may share the information obtained through cookies with its related, affiliated, controlled or controlling companies, as well as third parties (partners, clients, providers), with the purpose of improving the usage and services provided through the Website. In all cases, such information will be provided respecting our Privacy Policy, if applicable.

  7. What type of information is obtained through the cookies?

    In principle, Ibibo does not use cookies to obtain Personal Data, as defined in our Privacy Policy, and consequently, use of the information obtained through cookies is covered by the authorization given to the policies contained in this document.

    In the event Ibibo obtains any Personal Data through cookies, it shall be treated as set forth in our Privacy Policy.

    Also, Ibibo may use, on its own account of through third parties, the information obtained from cookies to create user profiles, and to offer personalized campaigns, though this shall not imply the delivery of personal information or Personal Data.

  8. Authorization to Use the Information:

    Upon accepting the use of cookies by Ibibo, the User also accepts that the information obtained from cookies may be shared and used, as described in this manual.

  9. Storage of the information obtained through cookies by third parties:

    Ibibo may contract third parties to store and obtain information through cookies, or to include cookies in the Website, and such parties may be located in or outside of Colombia; also, the serves that store the information may be located in Colombian or abroad.

  10. Contact:

    Any additional information about our cookies policy will be attended through our email:

    The Website User/client ("User" or "you") agrees to the following terms of the Cookies Policy ("Cookies Policy") with Ibibo Group S.A.S. ("redBus"), with offices at Carrera 7 No. 116-50, Edificio Wework, Piso 2, Oficina 152, Bogotá, Colombia, which is the manager and operator of (including its domains), and our partners (reliable companies that use cookies or similar technologies for business, advertising and research purposes related to our services) (the “Website” or “we” or “our”). This Cookies Policy shall become effective whenever the User enters the Website to use an Online Marketplace to make bus ticket reservations. By accessing the Website, providing information to redBus through the Website and/or registering to contract/make a reservation through the Website, Users expressly authorize redBus and its affiliates to use and/or share the Target Data with its authorized service providers and other applicable third parties, in the manner described in the Cookies Policy. If the User does not agree to be bound by the terms of this Cookies Policy, as set forth below, the User shall not have access to the Website.

    (Hereinafter, the 'Website' and the 'End User' shall be referred to jointly as the "Parties" and individually as a "Party").

  1. Scope of Application:
    1. The Website may use (i) a pixel counter or tracker (such as an intelligent pixel) or an oriented pixel ("Pixel") placed in certain Website pages in order to collect relevant information from the Website and insert a cookie in the navigator of one or more Users (the Cookie), (ii) the navigator data flows of one or more Users to the Website, or (iii) other non-identifiable / non-personal information of the End User (referred to hereinafter as the “Target Data”). Such Target Data may include, among other items (only non-identifiable end user information is collected by the Website, and consequently it is not regulated by Statutory Law 1581/2012 and Single Regulatory Sectoral Decree 1074/2015), IP address, date and time of the Website visit and the products viewed or placed in the User’s e-commerce shopping carts (if applicable). The Target Data is used to provide related announcements, aimed at one or more Users, while the User(s) are online at the Website and/or its associated websites (at the option of redBus), and may be combined or standardized with third party data in order to identify potential redBus customers and deploy announcements targeted at such potential clients.
    2. redBus agrees that the Target Data will only be disclosed by redBus (i) to perform the Website Services (if redBus deems it appropriate); (ii) for any other business purpose of redBus; and (iii) for the sole purpose of analyzing the data, which shall be performed by third parties on behalf of redBus and upon reception of the express instruction from redBus in such regard, as long as for sub-sections (ii) and (iii) the Target Data is used and disclosed by redBus only on an aggregate basis (if the Website deems it appropriate). For the effects of this Clause, “Aggregate” is defined as a manner in which the Target Data (as defined below) is combined with data from other campaigns or other advertisers and prevents their direct or indirect identification.
  2. Amendments / Changes:

    redBus reserves the right to amend this Cookies Policy at any time, with or without prior notice, by uploading the amended Cookies Policy to the Website, and the End User shall be under the obligation of keeping abreast of any changes implemented in the Website’s Cookies Policy.

  3. Limitation of Liability:


  4. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction :

    This Cookies Policy shall be ruled and interpreted in accordance with Colombian law. Colombian judges or competent authorities shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from or in connection with this Cookies Policy.

  5. General Provisions:
    1. The Parties agree and accept that, for the effects of this Cookies Policy, the electronic form shall be an acceptable means for communication.
    2. This Cookies Policy represents the full and complete agreement between the Parties on matters related to ‘Rules on Cookies applicable to the Website’, and it voids and replaces any other understanding, commitment, statement or prior agreement, either verbal or in writing, between the Parties of this Cookies Policy.
    3. If any provision of this Cookies Policy is found to be void or non-enforceable by any court or administrative body with competent jurisdiction, such invalidity or non-enforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions of this Cookies Policy, and such other provisions shall remain with full force and effect.
    4. Under no circumstance shall any delay, failure or omission (total or partial) in enforcing, exercising or defending any right, power, privilege, claim or appeal conferred by or arising from this Cookies Policy, or by law, be considered or interpreted to represent any waiver to such or any other right, in such as manner as to prevent the enforceability of this or any other right, power, privilege, claim or appeal, in any other instance, at any time in the future.