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About Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga is situated at 959 m a.s.l. in an area that used to be populated by the indigenous guanes, being in close proximity with other tribes such as the chibchas, chitarreros, laches and muiscas. Bucaramanga was established as a native town in 1622 and some mines were operated by the spaniards were established in the neighboring areas.During the XIXth century the town formally became a "Villa". At the end of that century it endured political struggles between craftsmen and traders, while during the XXth it had to endure the misery left over from the Thousand Day's War. The city managed to thrive and became one of the most important cities in modern Colombia. Its touristic atractions and hotel enterprises made the city grow and is now known as the "Pretty City". It also has very atractive parks, which earned the nickname "The City of Parks".

Travel tips for Bucaramanga

The electric current kind used in Colombia is 110-volt AC (110 V), with a frequence of 60 Hz. We recommend you to have a plug adaptor if you travel to places that use other voltage. The most common means of transportation in the city are the urban buses and the Transporte Masivo Integrado called Metrolinea, which costs 2100 COP; there are also taxis available.The most common risks in Bucaramanga as in other cities are thefts and assaults, reason why it's recommended not to have objects of high value to the view of other people. We recommend to be attentive to the traffic of the city to avoid any accidents.

Bucaramanga weather

Best time to visit Bucaramanga

The best period to visit Bucaramanga is the season from December to March, the driest period on average.

Climate in Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga presents a tropical climate with a minimum temperature of 65,3 °F (18,5 °C) and a maximum of 82,4 °F (28 °C). The rains are present throughout the year, being January, July and December the months when the level of rains descends a little bit.

Things to do in Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga, considered the most prosperous capital of Latin America, is known by locals and visitors as the "beautiful city" or "city of parks", due to the numerous parks and urban recreation areas. It was founded in 1622 and was converted, with the time, in the capital of the Santander department until today. The city has changeable climate conditions due to the diverse types of floor that Bucaramanga is divided in, which is also crossed by one of the most important rivers of the region, the Gold river. Bucaramanga stands out for its tourist potential, rich in adventure and eco-tourism activities, reason why the city was chosen as one of the 7 tourist destinations of Colombia. Among the famous parks we suggest El Parque Santander, Romero o Centenario and the recent ones, Parque del Agua and Parque Ecologico de la Flora. You could also join the locals on their celebrations and cultural events. Among them we recommend the Festival de Cuenteros Abrapalabra, which gathers narrators worldwide, the Festivalito Ruitoqueño and the Piano International Festival. Bucaramanga is waiting for you with its halo of prosperity and tourist parks.

Nightlife in Bucaramanga

Bar Discoteca Show El Venado de Oro

Location: Cr 33 # 37-45
Hours: no available information.
Price: no available information
Enjoy pleasant moments with your friends or travel fellows at this interesting place, taste the variety of beers and cocktails while you enjoy the live music shows. The service is nice and respectful.

El Abuelo Pachanguero

Location: Calle 38# 33-31.
Price: no available information
From 1994 this place has collection music for its distinguished clients. Ideal for listening to music of remember and keeping in mind the unforgettable moments drinking beer with friends.

El Guitarron

Location: Cr. 33 # 37-34
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information.
It's a bar with more than 34 years of history with a Mexican theme, where you will listen to music from the North, rancheras, among others. Have a different evening listening to live shows of mariachis and enjoy the delicious mexican food.

Deja Vu

Location: Carrera 33 # 33-30
Hours: 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday
Price: no available information
It's a bar for the gay community that welcomes everyone who respects their thought. It's an interesting place to spend a night of reggaeton, dance and electronic music. Besides that, there are frequent events with diverse themes and entertaining shows

Where to eat in Bucaramanga?

Tavolo Gourmet

Location: Cra. 35 # 48-84
Hours: no available information
Rate: 8000 to 70000 COP
Inviting restaurant of care presentation where the clients will be at ease when arriving. The service is fast, nice and respectful, they have a variety of dishes and you can book tables in advance if you need it. They have delivery service.

Dimarco Parrilla

Location: Carrera 28 # 54-21
Hours: 12:00 p.m. to 16:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Tuesday to Saturday / 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Sundays.
Rate: an average of 26900 COP the main dishes.
Restaurant of more than 50 years of experience serving their dinners, taste the incomparable grills, salads and pastas. The inside tables have a beautiful presentation with warm colors, that help to have a nice atmosphere to enjoy at lunch time.

Restaurante La Carreta

Location: Cra. 27 # 42-27
Hours: no available information
Rate: no available information
There are different rooms in the restaurant: La Cava is inspired in a wine cellar, where you can listen to music and see live shows; El Cobertizo is a freedom area where you can share the sofas with your family; La Tasca has a colonial decoration where you can taste a delicious coffee or cocktails and La Pampa, the ideal place to make diverse events.

The tourist places to see in Bucaramanga are:

Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Location: Crossing point of Carrera 19 and Calle 36, close to the Parque Santander.
Hours: no available information
Price: free entrance.
The construction of this amazing cathedral started in 1985, when the land to build was bought. It's known that the parishioners financed the construction due to the humility of the starting agents and the poverty that left the One Thousand Days War. It's an artwork.

National Park of Chicamocha

Location: Via Bucaramanga - San Gil, municipality of Zapatoca
Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Wednesday to Friday/ 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Price: From 25000 COP for children, from 50000 COP for adults
It's a natural park of Colombia that allows the visitors to practice diverse ecotourism activities. It's built on the Chicamocha canyon and take up a large territory. It propose activities as paragliding, rappel, buggies drive, cinema, ice skating, among others.

Parroquia Sagrado Corazon de Jesus

Location: Carrera 4#30 - 01
Hours: no available information.
Price: no available information
Placed close to the Colegio San Pedro, this impressive temple welcomes the traveler with its particular red color and a beautiful image of an upper Christ. It's a must-see for all the believers.

Parque del Agua

Location: Diagonal 32 #30A-51, Bucaramanga
Hours: no available information Price: no available information
It's a place where you can relax for a while with family or friends and you will admire fountains and some animals as birds and fishes. Most of the tourists coincide that the decoration in December is spectacular.

Parque de las Hormigas

Location: Carrera 30, close to the restaurant La Puerta del Sol
Hours: no available information
Price: no available information.
It's a recreation place that has some sculptures with the shape of ants (hormigas in Spanish). It's a relaxing place to spend the afternoon and some interesting places around.

Parque San Pio

Location: Cra. 33 #45
Hours: no available information.
Price: no available information
It's a crowded place specially in the weekend, by families that look for being together surrounded by nature. In the park you can find a statue of the enigmatic painter Fernando Botero, besides areas for the children amusement.

The things to do in Bucaramanga

Go through wild lands by buggie

Location: Parque Nacional de Chicamocha
Board on an all-wheel car and go across one kilometer of this park admiring natural landscapes while the adrenalin goes through your body and you feel the excitement of the potholes of the road.

Fly the skies by paragliding

Location: Parque Nacional de Chicamocha
Contemplate from the sky the Chicamocha canyon while you feel the excitement at 1000 meters of height. Feel the freedom of floating in the air without ties, a unique and unforgettable experience.

Learn about the ostrich life cycle.

Location: Parque Nacional de Chicamocha.
You have the chance of looking from close the cycle of life of the world's biggest non flying bird. See how are born chicks of ostrich, pheasant and goose, thanks to the incubator of the park.

Would you like to try the cable fly?

You will feel as floating on air while you are comfortably seated, hanging in the air going through a cable 450 meters long. You will feel fear and excitement while crossing the air. The park also has a similar activity for children.

Typical dishes in Bucaramanga

Mute santandereano

It's a delicious dish that has a variety of ingredients with a unique and special flavor. Pork, cow, manioc, parsley, potato, beans, onion, tomato, all of them mixed in a soup that captures all the visitors of the city.

Cabro con pepitoria

It's a dish made of rice and billy goat, egg, diverse spices and centers of bread. This dish has an Spanish origin and it's served in a tortilla and served with strong dishes.

Hormigas culonas

Probably you have sometime wondered about eating some kind of insect. When you have the dish in front of you, you hesitate and then you take the first bite of a queen ant. It's a unique and delicious dish, similar to nuts and with aphrodisiac effects (it's told).

Tamal santandereano.

You can find it in a rectangular or cylindrical shape, and it's made mainly of pelao kind of corn. You will taste the flavor of onion, sweet pepper, parsley, cilantro among the other ingredients, specially the delicious meat of creole hen, pork or turkey.


We don't have to forget this really typical dish of Santander, so common but delicious. Fried, grilled or in sudado preparations, but with potato, manioc and Santander arepas (a kind of bread with chicharron, some lettuce and tomato with some lemon.

How to reach Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga by train

Nowadays there isn't a train for passengers transportation that gets to Bucaramanga. Shortly there will be a cargo train that will include Bucaramanga in its route, going through Puerto Wilches and Barrancabermeja.

Bucaramanga by flight

The direct distance from Bogota to Bucaramanga is 178,3 mi (287 km). The Aeropuerto Internacional Palonegro serves to Bucaramanga and it's located in the historic hill Palonegro, on the route to Barrancabermeja. The airport has departures and arrivals from cities as Bogota, Cartagena and Medellin in the Colombian territory and Panama abroad. The airlines that operate in the airport are Avianca, Aeromexico, Uniter Airlines, Avianca Brasil, Latam Airlines, Viva Colombia, Air Canada, Iberia and Lufthansa.

Bucaramanga by bus

The distance from Bogota to Bucaramanga is 247,3 mi (398 km) on the highway and the travel takes approximately 8 hours. The main bus companies that cover the route Bogota-Bucaramanga are Copetran, Berlinas del Fonce and Omega.

Accomodations in Bucaramanga

    Hotel Shaday

    Location: Calle 55
    Rate: From 30000 COP to 60000 COP
    Low-cost rooms with single beds with tv, a fan and free wifi, the bathroom in some cases is shared. The reception desk is open 24 hours a day and there is a nice view over the city, you will have a pleasant stay.

    Hostal Rural Chitota

    Location: km 3 Via Bucaramanga-Surata
    Rate: 25000 COP to 120000 COP.
    The reception desk is open 24 hours a day, has a garden with a bar and a shared living-room, a games room and a place to practice water sports. the rooms are shared by 5 people and you sleep in bunk beds, there is free wifi and pets are accepted.

Important dates in Bucaramanga

Ferias Bonitas de BucaramangaSeptember Celebration with more that 66 years of history, where all kind of artists take the streets and exhibit cultural and art events really appealing and for free. The enterprising people of Bucaramanga have always had this art calling, reason why you can enjoy dance, music and story tellers events.
Semana Nacional del TipleNovember It's an event that stand out the folcklore Colombian, Andean music. Artists are presented to the event and the best are priced. Orlando Serrano Giraldo founded this event and looks for preserving the particular rhythms of the region of Colombia.
Festival Internacional de Santander de la UISAugustIt's a big event that join Colombian pianists and from abroad. At the beginning it was just welcomed by students of the Universidad Industrial de Santander, but then it was spread to the municipality of Barrancabermeja and nowadays has concerts in diverse stages of the town. Each year is more popular and the number of presentations grows.

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