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Cootranshuila Bus Routes and Timings

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Soacha to Mocoa17:1522:15BOOK NOW
Pitalito to Ibague11:3023:00BOOK NOW
Timana to Pereira12:1520:05BOOK NOW
Armenia to Campoalegre16:0022:30BOOK NOW
Florencia to Campoalegre17:3020:00BOOK NOW

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About Cootranshuila

Cootranshuila is a road transportation company created in Nieva in 1937, but that started with the intermunicipal transport in 1942, covering the towns and municipalities around Neiva in the popular chivas or ladder buses. Over time, buses and vans were included allowing longer routes to be covered, reaching the departments of Caqueta and Cauca at the end of the 50s. At the beginning of the 70s, Cootranshuila added taxis to cover the urban transport in the capital of Huila too.

Cootranshuila continued to expand its business including tractors, double trucks and trucks in the 1980s to provide cargo and parcel service to different areas of Colombia. At the end of the 20th century, Cootranshuila had great advances in technology which allowed them to reach important departments such as Cundinamarca, Tolima, Putumayo, Valle del Cauca, Quindio, Risaralda and Caldas. In this same period, Cootranshuila entered the oil industry and opened its own gas station.

Currently, Cootranshuila is one of the leading road transport companies, offering a very safe service backed by a series of legal recognitions and regulations. Also, Cootranshuila is a great generator of employment throughout the department of Huila offering more than 500 direct and about 4500 indirect jobs.

Cootranhuila's : 875 6365

Email :

Cootranshuila Amenities

  • Comfortable leather-type bed chairs
  • Air Conditioning
  • Restroom service in both levels
  • Entertainment System
  • Outlets
  • Snacks
  • Sanitized Blankets
  • Speed ​​control system
  • Monitoring system
  • Satellite tracking
  • WI-FI
  • Security Camera
  • Last model vehicles

Cootranshuila´s Agencies

  • NEIVA; Neiva´s Agencie; Av. 26 No. 4-82 ; Telef: 875 6365 - 8756368

Cancelation Policies

The client can cancel up to 4 hours before the journey and it doesn't have any penalty charge.


Q-1). How long does a ticket remains open?
A: 6 months is the maximum time to use an open ticket.
Q-2). How do I use an open ticket?
A: To use an open ticket, you must contact the company directly during the set term.
Q-3). What should I do if I'm not traveling?
A: In case of not traveling, you have to notify the company with a minimum of 4 hours in advance to If you notify is made within this period, the customer may leave the ticket as open or request the money back.
Q-4). If I cancel my ticket, do I get a refund?
A: If the client is not going to travel, it can cancel its trip. Its important to keep in mind that the client must assume 15% of the value of the ticket to pay for the financial and administrative expenses.
Q-5). Do I need to print my bus ticket before boarding?
A: Yes, you need to print your bus ticket before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print the ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format. Then, it will be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company.
Q-6). How can I pay my bus ticket in the redBus website?
A: In redBus we have many payment options that we offer to our clients. The most popular payment option are the credit cards but you can consult all of them in the home page of the website
Q-7). Do I have to pay any surplus to use to buy my tickets through redBus?
A: The prices that are handled in redBus are the same that are handled in the ticket offices and agencies of each of the bus operators.
Q-8). Can I buy the ticket in someone else's name?
A: Yes. A person other than the one who is traveling can buy tickets online. The important thing is that the passenger data is noted in the document to be printed and delivered at the different ticket offices.
Q-9). Is redBus a bus comany?
A: redBus is a platform that connects travelers with different bus companies so they can travel through the different destinations in Colombia. redBus does not have its own vehicles, but is an intermediary between the users and the companies that provide the service.