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Cootransmagdalena Bus Company

Cootransmagdalena is a well-known company that defines itself by its desire to satisfy the needs and expectations of passengers who use long-distance buses to travel. Cootransmagdalena is backed by a fleet of modern buses and is supported by a professional team who are highly trained. The operator strives to provide quality service that encapsulates their punctuality, concern for safety, and comfort.

About Cootransmagdalena Bus Company

Cootransmagdalena is a transport cooperative formed by members, associates, employees, and agents. They have personal, moral, and professional integrity. The cooperative’s goal is to generate the maximum economic and social benefit, managing with competitiveness the transport business. Also, they want to give their customers and community a good service, focused on comfort and safety.

Main destinations of Cootransmagdalena

Cootransmagdalena destinations

Cootransmagdalena's Services

Cootransmagdalena's onboard services include: Recliner chair, Air conditioning, Bathroom, GPS, Music and TV, although the services vary from one model to another.

Their fleet

Cootransmagdalena's fleet is divided in 3 models: Buseton, Confort Plus y Estrella Plus.

Their Routes

Cotransmagdalena´s main routes are:

● Bucaramanga - Aguachica 

● Bucaramanga - Zapatoca 

● Bucaramanga - Sabana de Torres 

● Zapatoca - Bucaramanga 

● Bucaramanga - Cimitarra 

● Bucaramanga - Puerto Berrío 

● Bucaramanga - Puerto Wilches 

● Bucaramanga - San Vicente de Chucuri 

● Bucaramanga - El Banco 

● Puerto Wilches - Bucaramanga

Cootransmagdalena's Contact and Phone Number

☎ Cootransmagdalena’s Phone: 6359808

✉ Email:


Cootransmagdalena Bus Service On Board

  • Air conditioning
  • Toilets
  • GPS
  • Music
  • Reclinable seats
  • TV


What is cotransmagdalena's health protocol for dealing with COVID - Coronavirus?
Cootransmagdalena offers you a series of biosafety protocols to prevent any type of spread, such as the permanent use of face masks on both officials and passengers, use of antibacterial gel and total disinfection of buses.
What are cotransmagdalena's most important destinations?
● Bucaramanga - Aguachica ● Bucaramanga - Zapatoca ● Bucaramanga - Sabana de Torres ● Zapatoca - Bucaramanga ● Bucaramanga - Cimitarra ● Bucaramanga - Puerto Berrío ● Bucaramanga - Puerto Wilches ● Bucaramanga - San Vicente de Chucuri ● Bucaramanga - El Banco ● Puerto Wilches - Bucaramanga
I'm going to travel with a child, does she or he needs to have a ticket?
If your child is over 3 years old, you must pay for the entire ticket.
How much luggage can I take with me without paying extra?
Keep in mind that suitcases should not weigh more than 15kg.
I am not going to travel, how can I reschedule my trip or get a refund?
Keep in mind that cancellations must be made up to 1 hour of the trip. The penalties in Cotransmagdalena are 50% of the value of the ticket.
Does cotransmagdalena offer discounts or promotions?
Contact the company directly to find out about special promotions.
Can I request a Private Service at Cootransmagdalena
Contact the company directly to learn about the special services available.
Can I travel with my pet?
The pet must travel in a 35cm high crate, wear a diaper and carry the vaccination card.
What is the phone number of the company Cootransmagdalena?
The phone number of Cootransmagdalena is +57 (7) 6 359 808
What's the mail from Cootransmagdalena?
The e-mail of Cootransmagdalena is
What is the total number of routes covered by Cootransmagdalena daily?
Cootransmagdalena covers 339 routes (approx.) daily.
What is the total number of buses that have departures on company nights Cootransmagdalena?
There are 7 night bus departures for the company Cootransmagdalena.Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?
Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?
Yes, you must print it before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print their bus ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format and then be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company with which you are going to make the trip.
Can I buy the ticket in someone else's name?
Yes. A person different from the one who is going to travel can buy the tickets online. The important thing is that the passenger's information is recorded in the document to be printed and delivered to the different ticket offices.

Cancelation Policies

Keep in mind that cancellations must be made up to 1 hour of the trip. The penalties in Cotransmagdalena are 50% of the value of the ticket. 

Cootransmagdalena´s Agencies

  • Bucaramanga; ▶ Address: Carrera 25 # 28-18 ; ☎ Phone: 6359808

Bus Amenities



Central TV

Reclining seat


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