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    Expreso Brasilia

Bucaramanga (San) to Cucuta (N.San) Bus Service

Avg. Bus Duration
Buses depart from
Bus arrives in
Daily Bus Services
Cheapest Bus
5 hrs 43 mins
Bucaramanga (San)
Cucuta (N.San)
COP 53000

Bucaramanga (San) to Cucuta (N.San) Bus Distance

Earliest Bus
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Bus Companies

Bucaramanga (San) to Cucuta (N.San) Bus Timings & Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus Duration  
Copetran 03:15 23:45 2 hrs 37 mins
Cotranal 04:00 09:00 3 hrs 40 mins
Expreso Brasilia 01:00 23:00 8 hrs 43 mins

Bucaramanga to Cucuta Bus

The travel from Bucaramanga to Cucuta takes about 5 hours going through the distance of 122 mi (197 km). Cotaxi, terrestrial transportation company, provides bus tickets for this route, with low-cost rates and varied schedules, always keeping in mind the comfort of the traveller. Cucuta is a tourist destination that exhibits the architecture of the Independence period, has diverse monuments in honour of celebrities as Simon Bolivar, and besides that in Cucuta was written and promulgated the first Constitution of the country. The climate in Cucuta is warm and presents an average temperature of 80.6 °F (27 °C); the city has moderate rains throughout the year, reason why fresh cotton clothes will be good enough to go across all the city.

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    Bucaramanga (San)

    • Terminal de Bucaramanga

    Cucuta (N.San)

    • Terminal de Bucaramanga

    Why book a Bucaramanga (San) a Cucuta (N.San) bus with redBus?

    You can also time-to-time redBus offers while booking your bus tickets online from Bucaramanga (San) to Cucuta (N.San). Follow a simple, fast and secure bus booking procedure. This helps save time and also helps to create a joyful travel experience!

    About Bucaramanga

    Bucaramanga is situated at 959 m a.s.l. in an area that used to be populated by the indigenous guanes, being in close proximity with other tribes such as the chibchas, chitarreros, laches and muiscas. Bucaramanga was established as a native town in 1622 and some mines were operated by the spaniards were established in the neighboring areas.During the XIXth century the town formally became a "Villa". At the end of that century it endured political struggles between craftsmen and traders, while during the XXth it had to endure the misery left over from the Thousand Day's War. The city managed to thrive and became one of the most important cities in modern Colombia. Its touristic atractions and hotel enterprises made the city grow and is now known as the "Pretty City". It also has very atractive parks, which earned the nickname "The City of Parks".

    About Cucuta

    San José of Cucuta is a Colombian municipality, the capital of Norte de Santander's department. It's located in the northeast of the country, in the homonymous valley, on the eastern mountain range of the Andes and in front of the border with Venezuela. It's the political, economic, administrative, industrial, cultural and touristic center of the department. The city was named in honor of José de Nazaret and because the name of the cacique who ruled the region before the conquest was Barí Cúcuta. Cucuta is remembered as a military city because in 1821, Simón Bolívar, Francisco de Paula Santander, and other heroes of independence, met in the current Villa del Rosario to decree the first constitution that officially declared the independence of Colombia. Santander's park is the central square of Cucuta, where occurred several historic events and public shows. It's located in front of the mayoralty and in front of the San Jose cathedral. In the center of the park, there's a bronze bust of general Santander, created in 1890. Currently, Cucuta is a prosperous city and is very important for the economic sector because of the limits of Venezuela. Also, stands out for its modern road infrastructure.

    Cucuta Weather

    The climate in the urban area of ​​Cucuta is warm, with an average temperature of 27.6°C. The highest temperatures are between 35°C and 38°C, and the lowest is between 17°C and 20°C. Annual precipitation is moderate and the wind season is between June and September. 

    Hotels in Cucuta

    ● Hotel Caravana

    - Address: Av. 4 No. 5-76 Barrio Latino

    - Services: Economic rooms with personal beds that have TV, free wi-fi, and a shared bathroom. It offers daily maid service and, if you wish, laundry (not included in the price). It is located 1.1 km from the Ventura Plaza shopping center.

    ● Hotel La Embajada de Antioquia

    - Address: Av. 4 Number 4 - 63 Latin Quarter

    - Services: Rooms include flat-screen cable TV, private bathroom with bathtub, free WiFi, and 24-hour reception. It also has a restaurant and is pet friendly.

    ● Atlantis Plaza Hotel

    - Address: Calle 8 No. 7-55 Centro

    - Services: Comfortable rooms with air conditioning, flat-screen TV, free WiFi, and a private bathroom. It also has an indoor pool and spa. Serve the traditional Colombian breakfast that includes eggs.

    ● Hotel Vasconia Center

    - Address: Cl. 10 # 3-51 Centro

    - Services: Rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom, flat-screen TV, and free WiFi.

    ● Hotel Arizona Suites

    - Address: Av. 0 Nº 7-62

    - Services: Hotel located in the center of Cucuta. It has pleasant rooms with a private bathroom, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, and free WiFi. In addition, it has a swimming pool, spa, sauna, and a restaurant (which provides breakfast).

    Restaurants & Bars in Cucuta

    ● Londeros Sur

    - Address: Av. LiberTadores # 0E-60, Barrio Blanco

    - Services: The restaurant is highly recommended by the locals for its fantastic meats, it stands out for its steak and ribs. In addition, it offers desserts, wines, and drinks.

    ● El Balcon Paisa

    - Address: Cross street 7 with Av. Libertadores

    - Services: Typical restaurant that offers traditional dishes such as empanadas, soups, arepas, patacones, and grills. In addition, starting at 8:00 pm, it offers live music shows. It is an ideal place for tourists because its decoration is representative of the area. 

    The most Tourist Places in Cucuta

    ● Gran Colombiano Park: Historical and tourist complex that has the Santander house, a museum that shows the belongings of the general and politician who participated in the independence of Colombia. There is also the historical temple, where the Cúcuta Congress was held and the Constitution of 1821 was written. In addition, there is the Casa de la Bagatela, the government house in which the executive power of Gran Colombia functioned in 1821.

    ● Santander Park: In this park, the Plaza Mayor of San Jose de Guasimales was formerly located, a place that was the scene of important historical events and public events. In addition to its attractive distribution, this park is famous for the pigeons that inhabit it.

    ● Simón Bolivar Park: Beautiful park very well cared for by the residents of the area. It is ideal to go and enjoy nature as it has different types of trees and animals (parrots, iguanas, and hawks). In the center is a bronze statue of the liberator Simon Bolivar, which was made as a replica of one erected in Rome. 

    Important dates in Cucuta

    ● March 19 - Anniversary of the foundation: Festivity that commemorates the founding of the city, is the most important celebration because it is the day of San Jose (the official name of the city and of the Diocese).

    ● February 28 - Battle of Cúcuta: Festivity that commemorates the historic battle of Cúcuta on the Bolívar hill. Usually, the community and tourists participate. 

    How to move around Cucuta?

    ● Public bus: In Cúcuta you can take buses in various sectors of the city, having the possibility of traveling seamlessly through different areas.

    ● Taxi: Distances in Cúcuta are short, so a taxi may be a good idea to get around quickly without paying large fees. 

    Gastronomy in Cucuta

    ● La turmada: Traditional dish made with boiled eggs, potato sabanera, cheese, onion, tomato, paprika, parsley, celery, pot, milk, cream, black sauce, pepper, and in certain cases, beer sausage.

    ● Mute: Soup made with pork, corn, potatoes, and chickpeas. It is usually served with rice, chickpea cakes, and cassava.

    Things to buy in Cucuta

    ● Big ants: If you tried the "hormigas culonas" on your trip to Cucuta and you liked them, you have to take them back so that other people can try them too.

    ● Artseanias: All kinds of work such as handles, earrings, necklaces, and others, are a good gift.

    ● Hammock: A good hammock is an unexpected gift or the best of memories of a trip. 

    Cucuta Facts

    San Jose de Cucuta is a Colombian municipality, capital of the Norte de Santander department. It is located in the northeast of the country, in the homonymous Valley, on the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes and in front of the border with Venezuela. It is the political, economic, administrative, industrial, cultural and tourist nucleus of the department. The name of the city was awarded in honor of José de Nazaret and by the name of the cacique Bari "Cucuta", who ruled the region before the conquest. Cucuta is remembered as a military city because in 1821, Simon Bolivar, Francisco de Paula Santander and other heroes of independence, met in the current Villa del Rosario to decree the first constitution that officially declared the independence of the Republic of Colombia. Santander Park is the main square of Cucuta, a place where various historical events and public spectacles occurred. It is located in front of the Cucuta city hall and the San Jose cathedral. In the center of the park there is a bronze bust of General Santander, created in 1890. Currently, it is a prosperous city and very important economically due to its proximity to Venezuela. In addition, it stands out for its modern road infrastructure. 

    Bus operators of the route Bucaramanga to Cucuta

    ● Copetran

    ● Expreso Brasilia

    ● Cotranal

    ● Cotaxi

    In Conclusion:

    Once you arrive at Cucuta, you will no want to leave. Fall in love with this charming place and its friendly people. 


    How can I make an online bus ticket booking in Colombia?

    You can book a bus of your choice to any destination in Colombia by logging on to the official website of redBus which is . The site is user-friendly and you can book your bus ticket in a matter of minutes.

    How do I book a bus from Bucaramanga (San) to Cucuta (N.San)?

    You can either visit the terminal and go the booth belonging to the bus operator of your choice, wait in line, select a seat, and book your ticket. If you’d rather not do that, you can visit and book your seat within 5 minutes.

    Do I need to print out my bus ticket before boarding?

    There are two main scenarios that you might fall into when you have to board a bus. Now, if your boarding point is at any terminal in Colombia, passengers will have to take a print out of the bus ticket that has been sent to the email in a PDF format. The second scenario is when your boarding point is a bus stop and not a terminal. In this case, you will receive an M-ticket that you will have to produce before boarding your bus. If the operator does not provide an M-Ticket, you will have to take a printout of the ticket (PDF) that has been sent to the registered email ID that you have used to book the bus ticket on the redBus website. Some operators might levy a charge if these conditions are not followed.

    Can I reschedule my journey after I have booked my ticket?

    Yes, you can. But this feature is limited to only a few bus operators in Colombia. Look for the reschedule icon before booking your ticket.

    How do I pay for my bus ticket on the redBus website?

    There are a number of different modes of payment offered to customers. Customers can either pay by credit card, debit card, or they can select any of the banks listed.