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Top Bus Routes From Villavicencio

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Villavicencio to Bogota06:0017:00BOOK NOW
Villavicencio to Terminal De San Jose00:0116:30BOOK NOW
Villavicencio to San Jose Del Guaviare00:0116:30BOOK NOW
Villavicencio to Cabuyaro (Meta)05:0015:30BOOK NOW
Villavicencio to Terminal De Medina05:3017:30BOOK NOW

Top Bus Routes To Villavicencio

RouteFirst BusLast Bus
Bogota to Villavicencio04:5519:00BOOK NOW
Terminal De San Jose to Villavicencio10:0020:00BOOK NOW
Terminal Salitre to Villavicencio06:0019:00BOOK NOW
San Jose Del Guaviare to Villavicencio10:0020:00BOOK NOW

About Villavicencio

Villavicencio, capital of the Meta Department, its a colombian municipality from which most of the economic activity of the country begins. It's a mining city, with a lot of farming and ranching as well as inter-regional commerce.During the pre-colombian times, the area was populared by guayupe natives which focused in fishing, trade and farming until the arrival of the spaniards between 1536 and 1537. ...The oldest records of the foundation of the city are from 1842, although the information isn't entirely accurate since a fire in 1890 destroyed archives with valuable information. What can be said for sure is that the city is named Villavicencio since 1850. During the XXth century the city grew considerably. Several institutions were founded, and new services arrived to satisfy the needs of its citizens.
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Travel tips for Villavicencio

The electric current kind used in Colombia is 110-volt AC (110 V), with a frequence of 60 Hz. We recommend you to have a plug adaptor if you travel to places that use other voltage to avoid that the electronic devices suffer a short-circuit and don't work.It's essential for every traveler to have an umbrella by hand due to the rains level, and also a raincoat if possible.The means of transportation more used in Villavicencio are the buses, vans, shared taxis and taxis. The average rate between the diverse means of transportation is 1700 COP, and it varies a little depending on the route. The taxis allow to travel faster and to a direct and more expensive destination, the shared taxis have a lower rate but with diverse people.The most common risk in Villavicencio is the thefts or assaults that can occur to the person that is not so cautious or is not attentive to the place where he leaves his things. You must be prudent when walking across unknown places or late at night; even more cautious if you have seen motorcyclists who hide their identity, there are thieves that take advantage of the darkness to commit their felonies.
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Villavicencio weather

Best time to visit Villavicencio

The best time to travel to Villavicencio is in December, January and February, since there are less precipitations.

Climate in Villavicencio

Villavicencio presents a tropical climate with an average temperature of 78 °F (25.5 °C) and an annual humidity average of 77%. The rainy season goes from April to November and the precipitations are torrential. The other months there is also rains but in a lower level.

The things to do in Villavicencio

Villavicencio has several tourist attractions that you can't miss: the Monument to Cristo Rey, the biopark los Ocarros, the Agro-ecologic Mercure Park, the Park of Malocas, the Acou...stic Shell, the Birds Museum and the city center (with a lot of business and houses of colonial style) and the Joropo House, where you can enjoy the musical folklore of the plainsmen
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Accomodations in Villavicencio

Enjoy Colombia Joy & Travel
Location: Calle 22 # 37L-34 Teusacá, 223735
Rate: 35000 COP - 80000 COP
A traditional place where you can spend the night. There you can find all the necessary for a traveler that has no problems with sharing amenities as the room, the bathroom and the kitchen. There is a restaurant and free wifi.
Mochileros Hostel Villavicencio
Location: Calle 18 No 39-09
Rate: 277000 COP - 85000 COP
It's located at just 0,6 mi (1 km) from the Plaza Los Fundadores. The cheapest rooms have a shared bathroom, the kitchen is also shared and some have TV; the wifi is free and the nearest mall is placed at just 32,8 feet of distance (10 meters).

Important dates in Villavicencio

Festival Llanero de VillavicencioDecemberIt's a celebration where there are diverse rodeo activities and craft of the cowboy. It includes a festival with story tellers, a gastronomic festival, cavalcades that cheer up the Peruvian and international visitors and make garish shows.
Torneo Internacional del JoropoJune-JulyThis tourney has more than 60 years of history, it's a cultural plain sample where more than 500 000 people are joined to participate of cavalcades, equaestrian spectacle and as the greatest event the Reinado Internacional de Joropo, a beauty competition where the queen who manages all the celebrations is chosen.
Encuentro Mundial de ColeoOctoberColeo as a sport was born from one of the most common activities of the previous cowboys. Usually the streets were closed to do those spectacles during the patron saint dates in the towns of Orinoquia in the 50s. The sport consists of knocking down a beast while the horseman is riding a horse and holding the tail of the animal.

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