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The municipality of Buritica is part of the Antioquia department and takes its name in honour of an indigenous cacique who lived in the area of the catios ethnic group. According to the story, when the cacique was being carried tied by the Spanish to reveal them the hiding place of such a precious gold, the cacique throw himself to the abyss as a bravery action and rebellion, dragging with him his captors, despite the fact that all of them survived. The attractions that you can find at this area are the Templo de San Antonio, declared Architectural Heritage, the Alto de Chochos, which allows an impressive view of the city, the Reserva Ecologica y Arquitectonica Alto del Chocho, besides various houses of interesting architectural style that you will admire from several points of the city. In Buritica you can taste typical dishes from the region as sopa de mondongo (insides soup), the Antioquian chorizo with arepas, a bread of different flavours, diverse roasted meats or a calentao paisa when you wake up in the morning. Among the most representative festivals you have the Fiestas de Razas, Mitos y Leyendas, with figures as the Buritica cacique and Maria Centeno, among others; in June there is the Fiesta de San Antonio de Padua, celebrated to show gratitude for the favours conceded or the traditional Fiestas del Retorno in January, where all the joy is folded out by the settlers of the region and is celebrated with lots of activities during several days. Buritica offers a space where you will find a little of everything, don't hesitate to visit it!

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If you have planned to move around the regions in Colombia, you might be asked to have the yellow fever vaccine. Other vaccines that you should consider -in case you travel to the jungle- are the tetanus vaccine and the hepatitis A/B.The electric current kind used in Colombia is 110-volt AC (110 V), with a frequence of 60 Hz. We recommend you to have a plug adapter if you travel to places that use other voltage to avoid that the electronic devices suffer a short-circuit and don't work.

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