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About land transport in Colombia

The transportation service in Colombia helped to join urban and rural areas, allowing meat and agricultural food to be enhanced. Logically, tourism and the desire to visit the entire Colombian geography increased, making the demand for bus trips to become constant. Bus Operators, owners of a significant number of buses, were created in order to transfer passengers from one place to another. The options are very wide, as there are passenger transport, freight and parcel transport, and special transport.

Bus operators in Colombia have a great history, as many of them are over 50 years old. This huge experience began mainly in small municipalities, with the intention of covering the route to the nearest city. Nearby destinations were added covering a big part of their own department. Bus operators began to expand their bus fleet to meet the increasing of their passengers.

This phenomenon spread throughout different areas of the country, allowing Colombians to travel from their town or municipality to the big cities and vice versa. Bus Operators are also responsible for the increase in tourism and that their respective regions have a constant economic growth. There are Bus Operators that focus on covering the Atlantic Coast and others the Pacific Coast, some focus on the Andean Region and a few focus on Orinoquia and Amazon regions.

There are some experienced Bus Operators that have a large automobile fleet, allowing several regions of Colombia to be covered. This has earned them great recognition among users who trust their trips in the comfortable and safe buses, and with a series of on board services that make traveling by bus a wonderful experience. This has created a doubt among travelers between traveling by plane or if they do it by bus, given the quality of service currently offered by Bus Operators.

What on board services do Bus Operators Offer?

The services will always be different between one Bus Operator and another, as well as between the types of bus each one offers.

Buses only had one chair for each passenger at the beginning, even many were chivas or ladder buses, lacking windows and doors. Over time and with the strong need to improve safety when traveling, buses began to have padded chairs, belts and railings for easy accommodation, as well as massive trunks to store luggage and not have to carry it inside. However, this was not enough. They wanted more and that is where on board bathrooms appear, allowing passengers the possibility to enter when they like and not wait to reach the destination or a specific stop.

Over time, Bus Operators allowed themselves to have new luxuries. Air conditioning became a strong need, especially for hot climates. At first it was supplied collectively but then, each passenger had the opportunity to have its own air inlet and control it in its own way. This allowed to have a much more pleasant trip, but without a doubt the element that revolutionized the bus trips was the implementation of an on board TV. This made the trips much more pleasurable, especially in those of several hours.

First it was a TV by bus, then two or three so that everyone could see from their places, until it was possible to implement an individual screen in each seat with a very varied entertainment system so that each passenger can enjoy according to their interests. These include movies, TV series, music and mind games. Technological advances continued and Bus Operators were no stranger to this revolution. Nowadays, many of the buses have WiFi signal, as well as outlets and USB inputs for recharging all kinds of electronic devices.

Main Bus Operators in Colombia

In Colombia, the number of Bus Operators can’t be counted, as it is huge and the modalities of services are also very high. In the punctual field of passenger transportation, there are Bus Operators of great tradition that have a wide coverage throughout the national territory, as well as there are new companies that include a single route in their itinerary. In this order of ideas, the most outstanding transport companies, taking into account their tradition, their trajectory, their recognition and the great variety of destinations that they cover are:

Expreso Brasilia




Flota Occidental

Empresa Arauca

Flota Magdalena

Rápido Ochoa


Other Bus Companies

Frequent Questions

Q: Which Bus Operators are the most recommended for every route?
A: As there are Bus Operators that operate throughout the national territory, there are some that focus on a particular area. These ones are the most recommended, having a greater recognition and affection of the people in that specific area.
Q: ¿How to know in which Bus Operator should I travel?
A: Before choosing the Bus Operators, the ideal is to know which ones are going to a particular destination and from there compare the different prices and schedules, in addition to all the on board and comforts they can have in order to choose what best suits every traveler.
Q: What Bus Operators reimburse the money?
A: Cancellation policies vary from one Bus Operator to another. Many of them allow ticket modifications, while others don’t or charge a penalty. You can enter the each Bus Operators’s site to know its cancellation policies.
Q: ¿Do all Bus Operators depart from a terminal?
A: Offices and ticket offices are located mainly in terminals, whether in cities, towns or municipalities. In these places is where Bus Operators usually pick up and drop off their passengers, as they are specific points and of great influx. However, there are still places, especially in municipalities, where passengers take buses, such as parks, shopping centers or main roads. Some Bus Operators arrive at these places, while others prefer to do so exclusively at land terminals.
Q: What Bus Operators reach other countries?
A: Expreso Brasilia has a route from Bogota to Lima, making stops in the cities of Cali, Rumichaca, Guayaquil and Mancora.
Q: Which Bus Operators are part of redBus?
A: The list of Bus Operator in redBus extends to more than 60, each with specific destinations and routes, offering different prices and schedules to provide a greater offer to users. To know the complete directory, you can go to https://www.redbus.co/en/operator/bus-operators-directory