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Medellin to Manizales bus

Medellin to Manizales Bus Service

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5 hrs 0 mins
COP 63000

Medellin to Manizales Bus Distance

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Medellin to Manizales Bus Timings & Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus Duration  
Expreso Sideral 05:00 17:00 5 hrs 0 mins VIEW PRICE
Flota Ospina 05:00 18:00 5 hrs 0 mins VIEW PRICE

Medellin to Manizales Bus

The travel from Medellin to Manizales goes through the distance of 123 mi (198 km) on the highway and it takes approximately 4 hours. The terrestrial transportation company Arauca provides unexpensive bus tickets in various schedules for the comfort of the user. Manizales is also known as the World's Coffee capital, because of the development that this industry and cultivation has achieved in the city. It's also called the Open Doors City, since the locals are very nice with travellers and tourists. Manizales presents mainly a temperate and warm climate, with an average temperature of 61 °F (16 °C), that's why it's recommended to the traveller having warm clothes and a not to be missed umbrella, since it's a quite rainy city.



  • Terminal del Sur


  • Terminal de Manizales

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You can also time-to-time redBus offers while booking your bus tickets online from Medellin to Manizales. Follow a simple, fast and secure bus booking procedure. This helps save time and also helps to create a joyful travel experience!

Buses from Medellín to Manizales

If you already acquired your tickets to travel from Manizales to Medellín and you are looking for a return trip, you can buy them easily on our platform. We have many bus operators that travel through this route, that departs at different times to give the passengers more options. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your bus tickets from Medellín to Manizales with redBus. 

About Medellin

Medellin is located at 1495 m a.s.l., just 261 mi (420 kms) away from the capital Bogota. It is known as "The eternal spring city" or the "mountain's capital" nicknames that reflect it's attractive weather. It's history stars a number of indigenous tribes that lived on the region since V b.c. The first contact between the spaniards and the people of the Valley of Aburrá happened in 1541, although due to the lack of precious minerals and the resistance from the locals, the area was initially abandoned.In 1616 Medellín was founded with the name of "Poblado de San Lorenzo". In 1826, Medellín was named as capital of the Antioquia department by the National Congress. Modern day Medellín is a prosperous city in constant industrial and social development.

About the route to Manizales

redBus offers the most convenient way to travel by road to Manizales. Manizales is a favorite destination spot for travelers and people who want to spend a little vacation time and enjoy special moments and experiences. Travel time usually varies depending on the amount of traffic, weather conditions, and road conditions.

About Manizales

Manizales located in the western center of Colombia is a capital municipality of the department of Caldas. This picturesque city on the Central Cordillera of the Andes was founded in 1849 by ancient settlers and is the center of various economic, industrial, cultural, and tourist activities. 

Manizales Weather

The city of Manizales offers you a great climatic diversity thanks to its paramo, valleys, rivers and beautiful landscapes, with up to 8 microclimates within its urban area, the average temperature of the city is 16 ° C. 

Hotels in Manizales

The city of Manizales offers you a great climatic diversity thanks to its paramo, valleys, rivers and beautiful landscapes, with up to 8 microclimates within its urban area, the average temperature of the city is 16 ° C. 

Restaurantes & Bars in Manizales

Manizales has incredible gastronomy for everyone to enjoy. This town has several culinary dishes based on local fruits, especially since it is part of the coffee region of the country where its cuisine is influenced by Antioquia cuisine. 

The most tourist places in Manizales

● Cathedral Basilica Metropolitana de Nuestra Señora del Rosario: This fantastic cathedral is located in the upper axis of the Plaza de Bolívar, structured in 1849 and rebuilt in 1927 after having suffered multiple accidents. This incredible temple is 115 meters high and is the third tallest parish in South America and the fifth tallest on the planet.

● The Polish Corridor: This sightseeing tour is about climbing to the top of the tower of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary through a spiral staircase, and although it is an intense experience, it is a spectacular place where you can see a large part of the city.

● Cyprus viewpoint and restaurants: Towards the north of Manizales there is a territory called Cyprus, a town that is 20 minutes from the city center where you can appreciate a beautiful view of the mountains. In this elevated area you can enjoy numerous restaurants and various cultural activities.

● The Sky Walk: This is an innovative and fun tourist site for all lovers of adventure and extreme sports. This metal platform is an attraction in Manizales where you must put on a harness and climb the spectacular tower, where you can see beautiful mountains.

● Monument to the settlers: This beautiful artistic piece created by Luis Guillermo Vallejo is a beautiful colonial structure that surprises all tourists. A relic and icon in the town of Manizales worthy of appreciation.

Important dates in Manizales

● First 15 days of January: the Manizales bullfighting fair is one of the largest in the region and the continent, an event where all kinds of celebrities attend where concerts, exhibitions, and more are enjoyed.

● September - October: Manizales International Theater Festival is a non-profit organization that invites all the public to enjoy stories that inspire, many of them allow self-reflection and self-understanding.

● August - October: Manizales Grita Rock is one of the most important rock festivals in the country, which starts in 2006.

● June: International University Jazz Festival: It is a music festival in which you will be able to appreciate concerts in which both classic jazz works will be performed, as well as new creations and fusions that this genre allows.

● International Image Festival: It is an event created since 1997 of international importance where electronic arts and digital culture are reflected.

● Manizales Biocultural Festival: This is an event that aims to promote art, aesthetics, and environmental education in public space.

● Orchid, Coffee and Art Festival: This beautiful festival aims to promote Colombian coffee, which has a high quality. In addition to the biodiversity and cultural offer of the region. 

How to move around Manizales?

The transport service of the city of Manizales is very varied and extensive, there are different ways to get around:

● Buses, minivans, and collectives: This type of transport allows you to travel to any neighborhood of the city at a low cost, although it may take a while depending on the destination.

● Taxis: In the city, there are a large number of taxis, a service that is registered by a meter that controls and rates the charge for the service provided according to the distance. Rates range from COP$4,000 to approximately COP$15,000. 

How to reach Manizales?

● Manizales by bus: Land transportation to Manizales has an approximate distance of 198 km. The travel lasts 4 hours. 

Gastronomy in Manizales

Manizales has a variety and rich gastronomy, you can enjoy these dishes:

● El asorrete.

● Lengua de res.

● La macana.

● Buñuelos colombianos.

● La misela. 

Things to buy in Manizales

The typical purchases that every traveler need to buy in Manizales is:

- Different types of coffee

- Crafts

- Poetry

Manizales Facts

The city of Manizales is also known as the World Capital of Coffee since the town is the main producer of the industry in the cultivation and processing of this. With a temperate climate and mostly warm but rainy, this city is characterized by its inhabitants who are very friendly with all travelers and tourists.

Bus operators of the Medellín to Manizales route

● Expreso sideral

● Flota Ospina

In conclusion:

Manizales is a city with friendly inhabitants, good food, and accommodation, which serves as a cultural and entertainment meeting point for friends, couples or family. It has multiple forms of transportation and different activities. 

Measures against COVID-19 on the Medellin to Manizales route

If you want to travel from Medellin to Manizales, you should keep in mind:

- Buy your tickets online to avoid contact with other people.

- Keep your mask on at every moment at the bus station, and during the trip.

- Carry your own disinfection devices, like hand sanitizer, wet wipes, liquid soap, and others.

- Use these disinfection devices after having contact with surfaces like railings, Windows, seatbelts, chairs, doorknobs, or counters.

- Avoid talking, singing, and eating during the trip.

- Carry the minimum luggage possible.

- It is forbidden to speak on the phone during the trip.

- The attention hours from the bus stations are from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

To know more about guidelines and safety measures press this link.

Security measures against Coronavirus for tourist in Manizales

f you are planning to visit the Nevados National Natural Park, you should follow these instructions:

- The opening hours are from 8:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m.

- You will be guided to an open space for a talk about protocols and recommendations for your safety.

- Bring biosecurity basic elements before entering the park, like mask, gloves, alcohol, paper towels, a personal plastic bottle for water, and a personal bag for any trash.

- Maintain the distance from other visitors, indicated by the park rangers.

- If you need any equipment for an activity, request it from an authorized provider, that follows the biosecurity protocols.

For more information about biosecurity protocols, you can visit the tourist place's website.

  • Expreso Sideral
  • Flota Ospina


How many departures are there from Medellin to Manizales?

A: There is a variety of departures

How can I pay for my bus fare on the redBus Web site?

A: At redBus we have several payment methods that we offer our customers. The most common for most of them are credit cards but you can check all of them on the home page of the site

From which bus terminals can I travel from Medellin to Manizales?

A: You can travel from these terminals: South Terminal inCarrera 65 No. 8B – 91, Medellín, Antioquia

How long does it take to go from Medellin to Manizales?

A: The trip lasts approximately 4 hours.

Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?

A: Yes, you must print it out before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print their bus ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format and then be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company with which you are going to make the trip.

How do I buy a bus ticket from Medellin from Manizales?

A: You can visit one of the terminals in Medellin and visit the counter of the bus company of your choice, wait your turn in the attention queue, select the seat you want and buy your ticket. But if you prefer to avoid all that, you can simply enter and buy your bus ticket online in just 5 minutes and with the comfort of your home or office.