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Barrancabermeja (San) to Medellin (Ant) Bus Service

Avg. Bus Duration
Buses depart from
Bus arrives in
Daily Bus Services
Cheapest Bus
7 hrs 12 mins
Barrancabermeja (San)
Medellin (Ant)
COP 77000

Barrancabermeja (San) to Medellin (Ant) Bus Distance

Earliest Bus
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Bus Companies

Barrancabermeja (San) to Medellin (Ant) Bus Timings & Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus Duration  
Expreso Brasilia 08:31 19:30 1 hrs 50 mins
Copetran 13:11 20:41 13 hrs 30 mins
Omega 13:00 21:00 9 hrs 30 mins

Barrancabermeja to Medellin Bus

The route between Barrancabermeja, Santander - Medellin, Antioquia has a distance of more than 300 km and can last 5 hours or 7 hours - depending on the route chosen and the type of bus that is chosen. The transport companies that have this service are Coopetran and Rapido Ochoa, they leave every day more or less three times a day.

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    Barrancabermeja (San)

    • Terminal de Barrancabermeja

    Medellin (Ant)

    • Terminal del Norte

    Why book a Barrancabermeja (San) a Medellin (Ant) bus with redBus?

    You can also time-to-time redBus offers while booking your bus tickets online from Barrancabermeja (San) to Medellin (Ant). Follow a simple, fast and secure bus booking procedure. This helps save time and also helps to create a joyful travel experience!

    About Barrancabermeja

    Barrancabermeja is a city located at the shores of the Magdalena River. It was discovered by the expedition of spaniard conquistador Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada the 12th of October of 1536, who found a small farm town called La Tora inhabited by Yariguíes. The site was in turn named Barrancas Bermejas, which in turn derived into the city’s current name.At the beginning of the XXth century the city grew exponentially due to the discovery and the exploitation of petroleum, which became an integral part of the economy of the city. In Barrancabermeja you will be able to find several touristic attractions linked to this industry, as well as natural vistas at the shore of the Magdalena River.

    About Medellin

    Medellin is located at 1495 m a.s.l., just 261 mi (420 km) away from the capital Bogota. It is known as "The eternal spring city" or the "mountain's capital" nicknames that reflect its attractive weather. Its history stars a number of indigenous tribes that lived in the region since V b.c. The first contact between the Spaniards and the people of the Valley of Aburrá happened in 1541, although due to the lack of precious minerals and the resistance from the locals, the area was initially abandoned. In 1616 Medellín was founded with the name of "Poblado de San Lorenzo". In 1826, Medellín was named as capital of the Antioquia department by the National Congress. Modern-day Medellín is a prosperous city in constant industrial and social development.

    Medellín Weather

    The temperature of Medellín is determined by the thermal levels that go from the moor (which is equivalent to 3 km² of the territory), passing through the cold (192 km²) until reaching the middle (185 km²), where the urban area, the which has a temperature that oscillates between 12 ° C and 30 ° C.

    Hotels in Medellin

    The city of Medellín has hotels of all stars and prices, so find the best option according to your preferred area. It even has backpacker options in case your budget is lower.

    • Medellín Marriott Hotel

    - Calle 1a Sur #43a-83, El Poblado, Medellín

    - Price: Starts at COP$413.508

    - Services: It has double and single deluxe rooms, with a large bed and doubles with two beds. Swimming pool. Airport transfer. Gym. Spa and wellness center. Free high-speed internet (WiFi). Bar.

    • San Fernando Plaza

    - Carrera 42 A No. 1 - 15, El Poblado, Medellín

    - Price: Starts at COP$189.304

    - Services: It has double rooms with two beds, double rooms with a large double bed, singles, and suites. Swimming pool. Airport transfer. Free parking. Spa and wellness center. Free high-speed internet (WiFi). Bar. Breakfast included.

    • Hotel Bolivariana Plaza

    - Circular 1 No. 74 - 82, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín

    - Price: Starts at COP$79.317 

    - Services: It has economic double rooms, a standard double, a standard double with two beds, and a junior suite. Airport transfer. Free parking. Spa and wellness center. Free high-speed internet (WiFi). Fitness center. Breakfast included.

    • Hotel Suramericana

    - Calle 48 # 65-88, Laureles - Estadio, Medellín

    - Price: Starts at COP$67.684

    - Services: It has economic double rooms, a standard double, a standard double with two beds, and a classic triple. Airport transfer. Free parking. Free high-speed internet (WiFi). Pet friendly. Breakfast included.

    • Black Sheep Hostel Medellín (Backpacker)

    - Transversal 5A 45133 Patio Bonito, Medellín

    - Price: Starts at COP$64.241

    - Services: It has private rooms and dorm beds. Free high-speed internet (WiFi). Bar / Lounge. Laundry service.

    Restaurants & Bars in Medellin

    • Fogón de Piedra

    -Calle 16 #28-51 Hotel InterContinental Medellín, Medellín

    - Price: Starts at $ 55.803 

    • Mondongo's

    - Calle 10 #38-38 Cra 70 # C3-43, Medellín

    - Price: Starts at $ 26.322 

    • Restaurante La Matriarca

    - Calle 8 #43B-62 barrio Astorga, El Poblado, Medellín

    - Price: Starts at $ 22.110 

    • El Trompo

    - Carrera 35 7 33 Barrio Provenza, Medellín

    - Price: Starts at $ 18.952 

    • La Octava Bar

    - Calle 8 37a 49, Medellín

    - Price: Starts at $ 10.000 

    Tourist Places in Medellin

    El Museo El Castillo del barrio El Poblado: This museum displays a large collection of works by Colombian and European artists, as well as furniture from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The collection is distributed in several rooms, among which the Antiquarian stands out.

    • Estadio Atanasio Girardot: If you love sport, you must visit its facilities. The stadium is the home of the city's two soccer clubs: Deportivo Independiente and Atlético Nacional. Here you can practice swimming, athletics, speed on two wheels and soccer.

    • Botanical Garden of Medellín: This beautiful place is located very close to the Universidad metro station, in the North Zone of the city. The garden has a green wall "El Orquideorama" and "El Patio de las Azaleas", the latter is surrounded by traditional Antioquia houses.

    • Metrocable de Medellín: Take a look at the modern transportation system with three lines of aerial cable technology. Thanks to the Metrocable you can see the best aerial views of the city.

    • Aeroparque Juan Pablo II: It is the largest water park in the city and is located right next to the Olaya Herrera Airport. It has large green areas for rest, offering places to camp, as well as trails for the practice of sports on wheels.

    Important Dates in Medellin

    • January and February - Feria Taurina de la Macarena: This fair brings together the best exponents of the art of bullfighting from all over Colombia and the entire world. In this fair there are events such as the compost bullfights, bullfighting with picadors and the traditional night bullfighting festival.

    • February 12 - Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria: On this festival, the Virgin of Candelaria, Patroness of the city, is worshiped.

    • June 16 - Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen: The Virgen del Carmen is synonymous with the protection of Medellín, tribute is paid to her in the basilica of Catholic worship Nuestra Señora del Carmen.

    • August 1 to 10 - Fiesta de las Flores: This colorful festival is not entirely related to flowers. You can enjoy various events and shows full of fun.

    • October 12-14 - Festival Nacional Antioquia le canta a Colombia: This festival has been recognized as the nation's cultural heritage. Its main purpose is to publicize the Andean music of Colombia.

    How to move around Medellin?

    To get around the city of Medellín, you can choose one of these three options:

    • Metro, Tram, and Metrocable: They cover several routes and the value of the ticket is COP $ 2,550.

    • Bus: It is the traditional transport and the value of the ticket is COP $ 2,200.

    • Taxi: If you opt for a short trip, the minimum rate is COP $ 5,000.

    How to reach Medellin from Barrancabermeja?

    Medellin by bus: You can reach Medellin from Barrancabermeja by land. The trip takes 6 hours approximately.

    Gastronomy in Medellin

    - Bandeja Paisa

    - Empanadas de Iglesia

    - Sancocho

    - Mondongo

    - Calentao

    - Arepas

    - Café

    Things to buy in Medellin

    The souvenirs that you can buy in Medellín are:

    - Sombrero vueltiao

    - Mochilas wayúu

    - Chinchorro

    - Ruana

    - Artesanías de Mola

    - Café colombiano

    Medellin Facts

    Medellín was founded in 1616 by Francisco Herrera y Campuzano and is located in the Aburrá Valley. It has been considered the best tourist destination on the continent, chosen by travelers. The mountain ranges that enclose it, give rise to the formation of various microclimates, waterfalls, forests, and sites of diverse landscape and ecological value, therefore it has many activities for excursion and cross-country tourism.

    Bus Operators on the Barrancabermeja to Medellin route

    ● Expreso Brasilia

    ● Copetran

    ● Omega

    In Conclusion:

    The city of Medellin is synonymous with joy, delicious food, and much more. It is without a doubt the perfect option to give yourself a break. There are countless places to visit, you will be delighted with them. When it comes to restaurants and accommodation, you will find something for everyone, each with excellent service.


    How can I make an online bus ticket booking in Colombia?

    You can book a bus of your choice to any destination in Colombia by logging on to the official website of redBus which is . The site is user-friendly and you can book your bus ticket in a matter of minutes.

    How do I book a bus from Barrancabermeja (San) to Medellin (Ant)?

    You can either visit the terminal and go the booth belonging to the bus operator of your choice, wait in line, select a seat, and book your ticket. If you’d rather not do that, you can visit and book your seat within 5 minutes.

    Do I need to print out my bus ticket before boarding?

    There are two main scenarios that you might fall into when you have to board a bus. Now, if your boarding point is at any terminal in Colombia, passengers will have to take a print out of the bus ticket that has been sent to the email in a PDF format. The second scenario is when your boarding point is a bus stop and not a terminal. In this case, you will receive an M-ticket that you will have to produce before boarding your bus. If the operator does not provide an M-Ticket, you will have to take a printout of the ticket (PDF) that has been sent to the registered email ID that you have used to book the bus ticket on the redBus website. Some operators might levy a charge if these conditions are not followed.

    Can I reschedule my journey after I have booked my ticket?

    Yes, you can. But this feature is limited to only a few bus operators in Colombia. Look for the reschedule icon before booking your ticket.

    How do I pay for my bus ticket on the redBus website?

    There are a number of different modes of payment offered to customers. Customers can either pay by credit card, debit card, or they can select any of the banks listed.