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About Cucuta

San José of Cucuta is a colombian municipality, capital of Norte de Santander's department. It's located in the northeast of the country, in the homonymous valley, on the eastern mountain range of the Andes and in front of the border with Venezuela. It's the political, economic, administrative, industrial, cultural and turistic center of the department. The city was named in honor of José de Nazaret and because the name of the cacique who ruled the region before the conquest was Barí Cúcuta.Cucuta is remembered as a military city because in 1821, Simón Bolívar, Francisco de Paula Santander and others heroes of independence, met in the current Villa del Rosario to decree the first constitution that officially declared the independence of Colombia. Santander's park is the central square of Cucuta, where occurred several historic events and public shows. It's located in front of the mayoralty and in front of the San Jose cathedral. In the center of the park there's a bronze bust of the general Santander, created in 1890. Currently, Cucuta is a prosperous city and is very important for the economic sector because limits with Venezuela. Also, stands out for its modern road infrastructure.

Travel tips for Cucuta

If you have planned to move around the regions in Colombia, you might be asked to have the yellow fever vaccine. Other vaccines that you should consider -in case you travel to rainforest areas- are the tetanus vaccine and the hepatitis A/B.The electric current kind used in Colombia is 110-volt AC (110 V), with a frequence of 60 Hz. We recommend you to have a plug adapter if you travel to places that use other voltage to avoid that the electronic devices suffer a short-circuit and don't work.The principal means of transport in Cucuta are the buseta (or colectivo) and taxi. If you want to take the buseta, be careful because drivers don't drive well and can cause accidents. Also, because the ticket's price is not firm, to get a lower price the best strategy is to try to bargain. If you want to take a taxi, is better if you call one from your hotel.

Cucuta weather

Best time to visit Cucuta

The best time to visit Cucuta is from january to march because the weather is warmer and there is less precipitation. Also, in march they celebrate the most important festivity, the San Jose's day.

Climate in Cucuta

The weather in the urban zone is warm, the average temperature is 81.68°F (27.6°C). The highest temperatures oscillate between 95°F (35°C) and 100.4°F (38°C), and the lowest oscillate between 62.6°F (17°C) and 68°F (20°C). The annual precipitation is moderate and the windy season is between june and september.

Things to do in Cucuta

Modern Museum that hosts the history of the country's Marines Moderno Museo que alberga la historia de la infantería de marina del país.

Nightlife in Cucuta


Location: 0 Avenue #9a-1 a 9a-71, Cúcuta
Horario: unknown
Precio: unknown
Club located at Tonchala Hotel. It has a large and cozy space where you can dance trending music. Also, they organize events with several electronic music Dj's.

Where to eat in Cucuta

Londeros Sur

Location: Libertadores Avenue #0E-60, Barrio Blanco, Cúcuta
Hours: unknown
Precio: unknown
Restaurant recommended by locals for their fantastic meats, like churrasco and ribs. ALso, they offer desserts, wines and drinks.

El balcón Paisa

Location: Between 7 Street and Libertadores Avenue
Hours: 11:30am- 2:00am
Price: Desde 8.00 to 11.500 COP
Typical Cucuta restaurant that offers traditional food like empanadas, soups, patacones and other meals on the grill. In addition, since 8:00pm they have music shows. It's a perfect place for tourits because there you can learn about Cucuta's traditional food and culture.

The tourist places to see in Cucuta are

Gran Colombiano Park

Location: Km. 6 of the Panamericana highway
Houra: 8:00am- 6:00pm
Price: unknown
Historic and touristic place where is located Santander's house, it's now a museum that shows the belongings of the general and the belongings of the politics that participated in the independence of Colombia. Also, there is located the historic temple, where was performed the Cucuta's congress and where was written the 1821 Constitution. Besides, there is the Bagatela's house, the goverment house where the Gran Colombia executive's worked in 1821.

Santander Park

Location: 5.ª and 6.ª Avenue, 10 and 11 Streets
Hours: All day
Price: Free entrance
In this park is located the old center square of San José de Guasimales, place where occured important historic and public events. In addition to its attractive layout, this park is famous because there are pigeons walking all the time.

Simon Bolivar Park

Location: Between Gran Colombia Av. and Guaimaral Av., Barrio Colsag
Hours: All day
Price: Free entrance
Beautiful park where you can go with your family to enjoy nature because it has several kinds of trees and animals (like parrots, iguanas and hawks). In the center, it has a bronze estatue of the liberator Simon Bolivar, that was e,laborated as a copy of the one that was built at Roma.

The things to do in Cucuta

Quinta Teresa

Location: #15- a, 4th Avenue #15125, Cúcuta
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Old colonial house built in 1893. At first it worked as a branch of the commercial society Andresen Möller and Ltda company, and then it was the residence of the danish merchant Andresen Möller and wife, the cucuteña Maria Teresa Briceño. In the XX and part of the XXI centuries it worked as the Sagrado Corazon de Jesus School. In 1996, it was declared a nation's cultural property. It's a beautiful architectural work that has been restored and is preserved by the nation for its historical value.

Museum of Memory

Location: 10 Street N° 0E-100, Cúcuta center
Hours: 7.00am- 12:00pm y 2:00pm- 6:00pm
Price: unknown
It shows old pieces of art of the Cucuta culture. Also, it organizes cultural activities that includes exhibitions of local artist's works.

Typical dishes in Cucuta

La turmada

Traditional meal elaborated with boiled eggs, sabanera potatoe, cheese, onion, tomatoe, bell pepper, parsley, celery, hogao, milk, cream, black sauce, pepper, and in some cases, sausages marinated with beer.


Traditional soup elaborated with pork meat, corn, potatoe and chickpeas. It's usually served with rice, chickpea pie and yucca pie.

How to reach Cucuta

Cucuta by train

There isn't a passenger train service that covers a route through Cucuta.

Cucuta by flight

Cucuta has the international Camilo Daza airport. It operates daily national non-stop flights and international flights.

Cucuta by bus

The city is connected by roads with Bogota, Caracas, Bucaramanga, Duitama, Ocaña and Cartagena. The distance from Bogota to Cucuta is 346.104 miles (557 km) and the approximate travel time is 14 hours and 22 minutes. The approximate ticket's price is 94144 COP. The distance from Cartagena to Cucuta is 460.436 miles (741 km) and the approximate travel time is 15 hours and 55 minutes. The approximate ticket's price is 125078 COP. The distance from Bucaramanga to Cucuta is 121.789 miles (196 km) ant the approximate travel time is 5 hours 46 minutes. The approximate ticket's price is 33740 COP.

Accomodations in Cucuta

    Hotel Caravana

    Location: 4th Avenue N. 5-76 Barrio Latino, Cucuta
    Price: 65000 COP
    Cheap rooms with personal beads, they include TV, free WiFi and shared bathroom. Also, they offer daily maid service and, if you want, laundry service (not included in the price). It's located 0.683508 miles (1.1 km) from the mall Ventura Plaza.

    Hotel la Embajada Antioqueña

    Location: 4 Avenue N. 4 - 63 Barrio Latino, Cucuta
    Price: 65000 COP
    The rooms include flat screen TV, private bathroom, free WiFi and 24 hours reception. Also, they have a restaurant. Pets are allowed.

Important dates in Cucuta

Anniversary of the foundationMarch 19thCommemorating event of the city's foundation,is the most important celebration because is the San Jose's day (official name of the city and of the diocese).
Battle of CucutaFebrary 28thCommemorating event of the Cucuta's historic battle in the Bolivar's hill. The participants are usually the settlers and tourists.

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