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Bogota to Valledupar Bus


Bogota to Valledupar Bus Timings & Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus Duration  
Expreso Brasilia 08:30 22:00 15 hrs 39 mins VIEW PRICE
Copetran 06:45 21:30 18 hrs 50 mins VIEW PRICE

Bogota to Valledupar Bus

The travel from Bogota to Valledupar goes across the distance of 539 mi (867 km) and takes about 15 hours. The terrestrial transportation companies Expreso Bolivariano and Fronteras sell bus tickets for this route, having a great variety of available schedules and low-cost prices. Your trip will be more comfortable and delightful with the services you can obtain, depending on the bus you choose. Valledupar, also called the "city of the saint kings of Upar Valley" is located close to the river Guatapuri, and the valley of the river Cesar. The city of Valledupar has an average temperature of 82 °F (28 °C), the precipitations level descends during winter and October is the most rainy season. It's recommended to bring light clothing but that protect you from the high humidity of the environment, specially at night.



  • Terminal Salitre
  • Terminal Satelite Norte


  • Terminal de Valledupar

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About Valledupar

This municipality, capital of the Cesar Department, is called the "City of the Sacred Kings of the Valley of Upar", and was founded on January 6 in 1550 by the spanish captain Hernando de Santana. It is situated in the valley of the river Cesar and the name "Upar" comes from Eupari, a chimila warchief that lived in the territory before the Spaniards arrived. It began as a small populated center in the lands of the eupari indians and became a pit stop for the Santa Marta route. It's an important place for farming mango trees and also ranching, and also the birthplace of vallenato, a traditional musical genre of colombia.

The Weather in Valledupar

Valledupar's temperature is really high, with an average between 25° and 34°. It is a tropical climate where some rainy days can appear, especially in the summertime. 

Hotels in Valledupar

● Hotel Caribe Platinium

- Address: Carrera 15 # 18 - 29

- Services: The services offered by the Caribe Platinum Hotel are free Wi-Fi, a bar, some rooms have a terrace or garden view and all rooms have a private bathroom and shower. It has an operational reception 24 hours a day and the Alfonso Lopez airport is 4 km away.

● La Granja

- Address: La Paz - Via Manaure Kilometer 4, Valledupar

- Services: This pleasant establishment has a swimming pool, private parking, TV and private bathroom in all rooms. It has a shared kitchen and the airport is 14 kms away.

● Hotel Arawak Upar

- Address: Carrera 7 N 16B-50

- Services: This hotel is located just 200 meters from Alfonso Gomez square andis 10 minutes away from the airport. Breakfast and free parking are included in the price. It has private bathrooms in the rooms and offers a laundry service.

● Hotel Boutique Casa Rosalia

- Address: Calle 16 # 10 -10

- Services: This luxurious hotel offers breakfast included in the price. Among the services offered are free wifi, cable TV, air conditioning and a minibar. Hair dryers and bath products are included free of charge. It has a 24-hour reception and a furnished garden and terrace. The airport is 4 km away and has free parking.

Outstanding Tourist Places of Valledupar

● Plaza Alfonso Lopez Valledupar: This colonial style square and old mansions is the symbol of the Vallenato festival. It is the main meeting center and where the main fairs and festivities take place. It is one of the first places you will visit when you arrive at the municipality de Valledupar As main characteristics it has a mango tree, where people gather and the sculpture ´Revolución en marcha´, by Rodrigo Arenas.

● Casa de Beto Murgas - Accordion Museum: This is the house that Beto Murgas turned into the accordion museum, since it is the symbol of Vallenata culture. The owners of the house will receive you directly and you will be able to learn a lot about this curious instrument and its meaning in Colombia. In this tour we will leave with a global vision of said instrument.

● Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción: The church, which has been restored on several occasions due to damage suffered over time, is a center of cultural interest with very beautiful architecture. In the central altarpiece we find the image of the Virgin Mary. The Church of the Immaculate Congregates many devotees at Easter, when the religious fervor increases enormously. It houses the monument to the patron saint of the city, the holy Ecce Homo. 

Restaurants in Valledupar

● Compae Chipuco Bar Restaurant

- Address: Carrera 6 # 16-05 Centro

- Services: In this pleasant colonial house-style restaurant you will find typical coastal foods with delicious flavors, especially fish, and it is located very close to the central plaza Alfonso Lopez. It is recommended to try the goat, which is very well seasoned.

● Mr Beef

- Address: Calle 11 8-15 San Carlos, Valledupar

- Services: In this restaurant where the food is very tasty, we must also highlight how careful the decoration is. It is a place that you want to enter. It also has a varied menu of salads, soups, creams, fish, chicken and meat. The staff is very attentive and the dishes are very well presented. The recommended dish is the sirloin, which is delicious.

● Charlie's Gourmet

- Address: Carrera 9 No 10-30

- Services: It is a place that offers very good quality dishes and has the possibility of sitting at outdoor tables. The flavor of the roast is very rich.

● Maria Namen

- Address: Calle 6 # 9 -24

- Services: This restaurant, with typical food from the region, has grills made of very good quality meat, the service is excellent and its decoration is reminiscent of the old one in the area.

Gastronomy in Valledupar

● Rice with chipi chipi: Chipi chipi is a small mollusk that is boiled together with rice with seafood soup, a small paprika, grated onion and a little oil. When the rice starts to graze it is ready to be served.

● Sancocho de bocachico: This delicious dish consists of a fresh bocachico marinated with garlic and salt, which is boiled with banana and yucca and is accompanied by white rice and panela water. Enjoy the soft flavor of the meat of the fish during the pleasant sunset in Barranquilla, you will see how it restores you to continue your journey through this beautiful city.

● Sancocho vallenato: It is a soup consisting of beef ribs (or chicken) cassava, yams, green plantains, arracacha, ears, coriander, chives, celery and cumin. It is served on a special tableware from the area, called totumo.

Things to buy in Valledupar

● Vueltiao hat: The best souvenir from the vallenato world capital is this hat. It is typical, characteristic and very useful.

● Music: In Valledupar you will meet new vallenato talents with a lot to offer. Support them by buying their music, it will be a great opportunity to meet new melodies.

● Hammock: A good hammock is an unexpected gift or the best of memories of a trip.

The most important festivals in Valledupar

● Vallenata Legend Festival (end of April): It is the feast of the culture of popular folklore in Colombia, which is celebrated in honor of Vallenata music in April. Accordion competitions are held in various categories, concerts and parades of the so-called pioneers, who are musicians born in this region, take place. Accordionists from various nearby countries attend the festival. If you like vallenato, you cannot miss this celebration.

● Livestock Fair of Valledupar (variable date): In this fair, the ranchers expose their best specimens. There is also music and crafts can be purchased. It usually occurs in the second half of the year, but the date is not fixed, it changes every year.

● International Film and Television Festival (March): Annual event that brings together all audiences interested in the film industry, filmmakers, actors, and musicians in which the statuette of India Catalina is presented to the best works of Ibero-American cinema.

● Novembrinas Festivities (November): The Heroic City celebrates two reigns both for independence and for the beauty that the city's candidates exhibit. Cartagena was the first Colombian city to rebel against the Spanish yoke, declaring itself free and independent on November 11, 1811.

How to travel in Valledupar?

● Public bus: Valledupar has different buses throughout the city that allow you to reach the main places.

● Taxi: The availability of taxis is very good, allowing you to find them in different parts of Valledupar.

Terminals in Valledupar

Valledupar ́s Terminal provides a comfortable, safe and pleasant service for passengers who travel to and from the capital of Cesar since 1985. Currently, it is in the fight against the evasion of payment of the rate of use. 

About Bogota

Bogota is the capital of Colombia, situated at 2600 m a.s.l. The city is known as the "Athens of South America" due to its great numer of museums, theaters, libraries and cultural activities. It is the third most elevated city in South America, behind (La Paz and Quito). In your journey through Bogota you will enjoy the historical tour along streets that combine modernity with colonial architechture. Bogota is well known for its cultural events like the International Book Fair and the "Festivales al Parque", which are attended by both national and international tourists. The Gold Museum, the National Observatory, the Colpatria Tower and the Botanical Garden José Celestino Mutis, the old La Candelaria Barrios are all must see destinations for all tourists. We hope you enjoy your historical and cultural adventure in Bogota!

The Weather in Bogota

Bogota's climate is one of the most curious and unpredictable in the world. It is classified as a cold city because it is located at 2600 m.a.s.l., but it is common that in the morning the climate of Bogota is 18°C and that it can rise up to 20°C throughout the day. The nights are cold, with temperatures of 8°C and even less. Bogota is a city with a very varied climate that can have different temperatures throughout the day and that often has heavy rains and that in a matter of minutes a radiant sun rises again. This means that people have to be prepared with the appropriate clothes for each of these climate changes.

Hotels in Bogota

● Hotel Tequendama

- Address: Carrera 10 # 26-21

- Services: Tequendama Hotel is one of the most traditional hotels in Colombia, operating continuously since 1953. It is the preferred place of many artists who visit the country for its classic style and for being located in the center of Bogota. It has comfortable rooms and various amenities throughout the hotel facilities such as sauna, swimming pool, casino, spa, jacuzzi, beauty salon and gym. Hotel Tequendama offers cribs and babysitters for kids.

● ExpoHotel Bogota

- Address: Carrera 37 # 25B-65, Teusaquillo

- Services: This hotel is perfect for those who visit Bogota with the intention of attending a fair or event in Corferias, as it is only 3 blocks away. The 21 rooms have wireless internet, minibar and a very nice view of the city. In the restaurant, guests can enjoy an American breakfast or end the day with a glass of wine by the fireplace. ExpoHotel also has a laundry service and airport transfers.

● Hotel Bogota Central

- Address: Carrera 13 No. 22-24, Alameda Centro

- Services: This hotel is located in a strategic point of Bogota, very close to the Colpatria Tower, the La Santamaria bullfighting arena, Bolivar’s Square and the National Museum. The 38 rooms have TV cable, private bathroom and WiFi. The hotel has a game room and an ironing room, dry cleaning and laundry.

● Hostal Chorro de Quevedo

- Address: Carrera 3 # 12D-60

- Services: This hostel is ideal for backpackers who want to live closely the indescribable essence that La Candelaria has, in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere with television, internet and private bathroom in each room. The hostel is very well located, just a couple of blocks from Luis Angel Arango Library and the Gold Museum.

● Hotel Dann Avenida 19

- Address: Av 19 # 5 - 72

- Services: This is the ideal hotel for business travelers, as it is close to the main government entities, shopping centers of great tradition and the financial center, as well as being close to the airport. The rooms have a private bathroom, work desk, WiFi, safe, alarm clock and telephone. Some of the rooms are equipped to receive disabled people. The hotel has a business center, convention and conference rooms with capacity for 100 people. The restaurant offers a varied menu of Colombian food and international food.

Outstanding Tourist Places of Bogota

● Monserrate: The panoramic view from this hill allows you to see how enormous Bogota is. You can get up there by cable car or funicular in 10-minute journeys. For nature and exercise enthusiasts, a trail is also enabled to climb this mountain on foot, on a journey of about an hour depending on the pace of each person. At the top of this hill is the Church of the “Fallen Lord” of Monserrate, famous for performing miracles. There is also an attractive variety of restaurants and cafeterias to have spectacular snacks while enjoying the view.

● Gold Museum: In the center of Bogota is this emblematic museum that has several of the pre-Columbian elements that abounded in this land before the Spanish conquest. Vessels and other gold elements, accompanied by the respective descriptions, allow to see the works and the symbols that they existed at that time. However, the main protagonist of this place is gold, which not only gives the name to the museum but also revives through its golden pieces, multiple accessories that represented a great value not only economic but also spiritual.

● Planetarium: This space allows science lovers to have an approach to different advances and astrological investigations that have been made in this place. The Planetarium also has an imposing dome that simulates a night sky to be able to capture on the screen all the behavior of the stars. In this dome, different concerts and attractive audiovisual functions are held. 

Restaurants in Bogota

● La Jugueteria

- Address: Calle 27 No 4A-03, La Macarena

- Services: The food is very varied, offering meat, chicken, pok, fish and soups, all with a very successful preparation, good sized portions and prices according to a quality lunch or dinner. However, the great attraction of La Jugueteria is its decoration, logically of toys. With elements from different eras, movies, cartoons, TV shows and action figures in general. This place manages to evoke memories of a wonderful time in the life of each of its guests.

● Crepes & Waffles

- Address: Several locations

- Services: Although this is a very recognized place with several presences in different cities of Colombia and Latin America, it is in Bogota where more Crepes & Waffles restaurants can be found. The preparations are very simple, they can be in crepes, in waffles, in pitas and in panne cooks, accompanied by some protein, sauce or other product that makes an ideal combination. This is a restaurant perfect for any occasion due to its abundance of places, comfortable prices, quality of food and speed of the service.

● La Puerta Falsa

- Address: Calle 11 # 6-50

- Services: This restaurant has been in the heart of Bogota since the beginning of the 19th century and has always belonged to the same family, which is why its seasoning has been maintained over the years. The menu consists of typical snacks such as chocolate with cheese, almojabana, arepa and tamale, a simple but fabulous combination that became a mandatory stop for those who visit Bolivar Square. In this place, the liberator Simon Bolivar used to eat with Manuelita Saenz. The infrastructure and decoration of the place has been maintained from that time until today.

● La Florida Bakery Shop

- Address: Carrera 7 # 21-46

- Services: La Florida has been part of the landscape of Bogota since 1936, being one of the most popular places on the capital's scene. Its wide variety of cakes, pies, cookies, biscuits, desserts and breads in general, accompanied by coffee, tea or chocolate make the perfect dish for those who leave work and want to eat something before returning home. They are also famous for their breakfasts that have different preparations of eggs or changuas, to start a day in the best way.

Gastronomy in Bogota

● Ajiaco Santafereño: Chicken Soup made with different kinds of potatoes, ears of corn and some spices. It is also usually accompanied with avocado and milk cream. A hearty delight for the palate.

● Tamal Bogotano: Tamal is an appetizer that is prepared in different Andean countries. In its Bogota version, this is made from a corn dough combined with meat, chicken, pork ribs, onions, garlic and salt, all wrapped in a typical banana leaf tied to be cooked with steam. It is usually accompanied by a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

● Puchero Santafereño: Tropical type dish, originally from the city. It is prepared with potatoes, meats, ribs, sausages, pastusa, cassava, plantain and cob, all bathed with hogao and presented with the leaves of a cabbage.

Things to buy in Bogota

● Coffee: Colombian coffee is excellent. In Bogotá you will have the option of visiting different shops and comparing the flavor of each region to bring the best gift.

● Emeralds: In the center of Bogota there is a great variety of places where you can buy spectacular emeralds, ideal to take back.

● Obleas: A great idea to bring back a good dessert, which can be loaded without damaging it. Take care that they do not break in the suitcase.

The most important festivals in Bogota

● August 6 - This day is Bogota's birthday and is celebrated with different free outdoor concerts to promote art and cultural diversity.

● July 20 - Although this is a national date because the Colombian Independence Day, nowhere do they manage to celebrate it as it is done in Bogota. The military parades in carrera 68 and the sample of military airplanes, are a spectacle that must be lived and that makes Colombians feel proud of their homeland.

How to travel in Bogota?

● Public bus: The Integrated Public Transport System SITP has several buses that travel throughout the city, covering Bogota in its entirety. Transmilenio covers the main roads of Colombia, going at a high speed thanks to having its own trunk. It is necessary to take a SITP bus to get to Transmilenio’s stations. For both services the same card works. The card must be recharged at any Transmilenio station and allows free transfer from one bus to another.

● Taxi: The supply of taxis is very wide because of the high demand for their service. The fares are charged according to a taximeter that works while the ride is in progress.

Terminales in Bogota

In Bogota there are 3 land terminals given the large number of travelers who enter and leave the city on a daily basis. The north terminal and the south terminal, as the name implies, dispatch routes to these respective areas of the country. On the other hand, Salitre’s Terminal has destinations throughout the national territory, being the most important terminal in Colombia.

● The Salitre Terminal is the main bus station in Bogota and Colombia. It was opened in 1984 and is located in Ciudad Salitre, west of Bogota. Currently, 86 companies operate to different national and international origins and regions. It is located in an important commercial and tourist area of the city.

● Bogota´s North Terminal is relatively new, as it operates since 2017. It arises with the need to organize in a single point hundreds of inter-municipal buses that blocked the autopista norte, besides being dangerous for both passengers and pedestrians. It was also created with the intention of preventing people arriving or departing to the north of the country from having to go to one of the other two terminals. The operators of this terminal currently leave for this area of the country.

● Bogota's South Terminal is a complex of 20,190 m2 that has been in operation since 2008. It is located at the intersection of Bosa Avenue and the NQS highway in south-west of Bogotá. There are currently 27 bus companies operating and 59 parking spaces. From this place, a large number of buses leave for the south of Colombia. 

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Info of Valledupar

Valledupar is the capital of the department of Cesar and one of the main cities on the Atlantic coast of Colombia. This place, which was the home of the Eupari Indians, was initially stablished as a crossing point for the extensive route between the interior of the country and the coast, mainly for the route between Bogota and Santa Marta. Valledupar is the cradle of the vallenato, the most representative rhythm of Colombia. Every year, in April, the Vallenato Festival is held in Valledupar, a great celebration that knew all lovers of this genre, both Colombian and from other countries.

To Conclude

If you love vallenato, Valledupar is the place you must visit. And if you don't like it ... it will totally catch you! 


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Q-2). How do I buy a bus ticket from Bogota from Valledupar?
A: You can visit one of the terminals in Bogota and visit the counter of the bus company of your choice, wait your turn in the attention queue, select the seat you want and buy your ticket. But if you prefer to avoid all that, you can simply enter and buy your bus ticket online in just 5 minutes and with the comfort of your home or office.
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A: Search for any offer and special discounts to find cheap and economical prices for your trips in
Q-7). What is the distance between Bogota and Valledupar?
A: The trip from Bogota to Valledupar covers a distance of 867 km.
Q-8). How long does it take to go from Bogota to Valledupar?
A: 15 hours is usually the time it takes to travel this route.
Q-9). How many departures are there from Bogota to Valledupar?
A: Every month around 390 trips are made for route between Bogota and Valledupar
Q-10). Which bus companies offer the route Bogota to Valledupar?
A: The companies that cover the route between Bogota - Valleduparare: Expreso Brasilia and Copetran
Q-11). Which bus companies have the most departures for the Bogota to Valledupar?
A: The transport company Copetran sells the bus tickets for this route, with a wide variety of available schedules and cheap prices.
Q-12). From which bus terminals can I travel from Bogota to Valledupar?
A: Check your trips to Valledupar both in the Salitre's Terminal and in the North Terminal.