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About Pamplona

Pamplona, the capital of the province with the same name, it is located in the department of Norte de Santander, near the Venezuela border, at the edge of the Oriental Range of the Andes. It was founded in 1549 as Nueva Pamplona del Valle del Espíritu Santo, name chosen as a tribute to the spanish city by its founders, Don Pedro de Ursúa and Don Ortún Velasco de Velázquez. During the colonial era it was a strategic hub for the region, and it became known as the city founder-city due to the numerous expeditions that parted from the city towards others regions such as Arauca, Santander and Táchira in Venezuela. Afterwards, it became an important trade center between the Viceroyalty of Nueva Granada and the Captaincy of Venezuela.Pamplona received the name “Patriotic City” due to it being one of the first in Colombia to declare its independence from Spain. Likewise it was one of the top contributors both with money and manpower to the Independence campaign, even more than Bogotá. Nowadays it is a modern city, with an economy based in gastronomy, education and tourism.

Travel tips for Pamplona

If you have planned to move around the regions in Colombia, you might be asked to have the yellow fever vaccine. Other vaccines that you should consider -in case you travel to rainforest areas- are the tetanus vaccine and the hepatitis A/B.The electric current kind used in Colombia is 110-volt AC (110 V), with a frequence of 60 Hz. We recommend you to have a plug adapter if you travel to places that use other voltage to avoid that the electronic devices suffer a short-circuit and don't work.As with most cities, it is recommended you keep your personal belongings close and don't stay out on your own late at night.Temperatures in Pamplona are low all year long, and there is also an above average humidity in the city. It is recommended you bring warm clothing for your stay in the city.

Pamplona weather

Best time to visit Pamplona

The best time to visit Pamplona is during the Holy Week so you will coincide with the feasts and the Choir Music Festival.

Climate in Pamplona

Climate in Pamplona is cold and humid. The city has an average temperature of 57.2 °F with moderate rain and strong wind during most of the year.

Things to do in Pamplona

Nightlife in Pamplona

Discoteca Ozone

Location: Calle Monasterio Velate, 5, 31011
Electronic Music Club located in a futuristic saloon with a central plaza.

Sala Enter

Location: Av. de Bayona, 45, 31011
Renowned club that is known for playing latin music. It is popular amongst college student.

Where to eat in Pamplona

Restaurante el Solar

Location: Cl. 5
Hours: Unknown
Price: Unknown
Restaurant that specializes in typical colombean food. Has a nice service and a great place.

Restaurante El Rancho del Tío

Location: Cl. 9 #7109
Hours: Unknown
Price: Unknown
Restaurant that specializes in grilled meat, and is renowned for its cowboy style seasoning.

The tourist places to see in Pamplona are

Parque Águeda Gallardo

Location: Centro de la Ciudad
Hours: All day long
Price: Free entrance
Main Plaza of the City. It is surrounded by the most representative colonial architecture of the city, like the Cathedral, the Market, the City Hall Palace and the Museum of Modern Art.

Cathedral of Santa Clara

Location: Parque Águeda Gallardo
Hours: Until noon
Price: Free entrance
Antigua iglesia del convento de Santa Clara, construida en 1584 por doña Magdalena Velasco, hija del fundador de la ciudad don Ortún Velasco.

Shrine of the Señor of the Humilladero

Location: Cruce de Carrera 7 y Calle 2
Hours: Unknown
Price: Free entrance
The shrine of the Lord of the Humilladero was built during the first years of the city’s founding. It was at first small and simple, covered by straw. However, it was progressively improved by the locals during the centuries, which included some ambitious architectonic works. The shrine is now home to one of the most valued cultural treasures: the Santo Cristo del Humilladero wood carving, masterwork of Juan Bautista Guzmán.

The things to do in Pamplona

Modern Art Museum Ramirez Villamizar

Location: Cl. 5
Hours: Unknown
Price: Unknown
Creado en base a la labor filantrópica del escultor colombiano Eduardo Ramirez Villamizar. Hoy en día es uno de los centros culturales más importantes del oriente del país. Se exhiben esculturas suyas y obras de artistas como Pedro Nel Gómez, Beatriz González, Enrique Grau, Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Edgar Negret y Omar Rayo.

Parque Nacional Natural Tamá

Location: a 4 horas de Pamplona
Hours: Unknown
Price: Unknown
Great national reserve of flora and fauna which has four distinct natural areas: tropical humid forest, sub-andean forest, bog forest and moor.

Typical dishes in Pamplona


Thick soup made from corn, chickpea and beans.

Cortados de Leche de Cabra

Goat milk that is mixed in a frying pan. It is slow cooked and mixed. Then you add lemon and mix it again. Then the mass is extended upon a tray, you then let it rest and later cut it in small pieces to be served as a dessert.

How to reach Pamplona

Pamplona by train

There is no passenger train that currently has Pamplona as a destination.

Pamplona by flight

Pamplona doesn't have an airport. The closest one is located in Cúcuta, two hours by bus away from Pamplona.

Pamplona by bus

Most frecuent trips by bus are those to Cúcuta, capital of Norte de Santander. From there it will be easier to get a direct connection to the rest of colombean cities.

Accomodations in Pamplona

    Hotel Margarita

    Location: calle 9 # 8-113, 543950
    Price: Starting at 20 000 COP
    Hotel that has a restaurant, free wi-fi in all rooms and 24 hour reception.

Important dates in Pamplona

Feast of the Independence Claim(Two weeks before June 4)Also called the Fiestas de Pamplona, this event commemorates the day when Pamplona rebels declared their independence from Spain. A festival is held, with concerts, bullfights, parades and a beauty pageant.
Holy Week in Pamplona(Varies annualy)A very important religious event. Locals decorate the city and make processions during the week. In Pamplona there is also a space for the children to participate.

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