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Bogotá to Neiva45.000 COPSEE SEATS
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Travel tickets Colombia

Travel tickets are a service that completely change transportation. It made an industry so wide but at the same time so disorganized, had control of how many people were riding on each of the buses. This order not only allowed to have a quantitative control but to understand who were the individuals who travel in each of the routes and why they did it. With the travel tickets several calculations can be made and predict when and how travelers would approach the ticket offices at the terminals looking for their trips.

The travelers understood that they could no longer get on a bus wherever they wanted and that they should do it inside a terminal, where they must have previously bought a travel ticket. This encouraged people who did not have much interest in traveling by bus to do it, as they discovered a new modality that assured them their own seat during the trip, thanks to the purchase of the travel ticket

Sending the passengers to the terminals to buy their travel ticket, created a travel culture in Colombia, which managed to include frequent travelers who had to travel great distances to get to their jobs and sporadic travelers which are those who don't do it often, only on important seasons.

This traveling culture, made journeys much more frequent. A person used to travel on average once or twice a year. At this point, the travel tickets became more important, as they allowed travelers to buy them in advance to ensure that no other passengers took their seats on the bus in the booked date. This also made it easier for Bus Operators to schedule their future trips as they could offer them from previous days instead of having to wait until the date of the trip, where there was a chance that the buses departure with some empty seats.

Why is it useful to buy travel tickets on redBus?

The bus industry in Colombia was improving year after year. First, people were driven in small trucks from one town to another, until the appearance of the buses and their companies. Eventually, terminals were created to sell the travel tickets. Each advance was revolutionary at its time, being unthinkable now to see the bus business without any of the previous ones. In this same way technology appear offering new options for traveling, like buying travel tickets through web pages and apps.

Like every discovery, technology enter to improve the system of selling travel tickets by giving more options to acquire them. For example, redBus’s platform allows you to know in real time which companies go to a specific destination and then be able to compare which of the offered schedules is the most suitable for traveling. You can also compare each of the on board services offered by each of the buses to choose a transport as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Additionally, you can see all the prices so that the user chooses the one that best suits its budget.

All these comparisons to get the most suitable travel tickets can be done from any computer, cell phone or tablet. And if that wasn’t enough, in redBus you can pay for travel tickets with up to 9 different payment methods, including credit card, debit card, payments in Via Baloto, Su Red and Efecty, as well as the possibility that a messenger goes directly to the house or office of the person traveling to collect the cash corresponding to the travel tickets.

This series of benefits make the purchasing of travel tickets very simple and makes waiting in a line in a terminal something from the past. Rows, congestions and tickets sold out are some complications that can be saved by reserving travel tickets with time.

What are the advantages of buying travel tickets with redBus?

The advantages are several, all focused on the comfort and safety of the users. These are just some of the advantages and benefits of buying travel tickets with redBus:

Saving Time

Comparing Bus Operators, schedules and prices

Several payment methods


Differente discounts

No more lines

Reserve travel tickets with time

Frequent Questions

Q: Does buying the travel tickets on redBus have any extra cost?
A: No. The prices that appear on the redBus platform are the same as those shown at the terminal's ticket offices, as the bus companies give the prices for each of the routes.
Q: Can a person buy more than one travel ticket?
A: Yes. In the same transaction, a person can buy up to 6 travel tickets. If you need more travel tickets you may buy them in a new purchase.
Q: Can anyone else pay for my travel tickets?
A: Yes. It isn’t necessary that the person traveling be the same person who buys the travel tickets. The important thing is that the data provided are those of the person who is going to travel, otherwise he will not be able to do it.
Q: If I don’t travel, do they reimburse me for the travel tickets?
A: All cancellation or modification policies depend on each of the bus operators. Some allow total cancellation of the travel ticket, while others only allow for changes and charge a percentage of the ticket as a penalty.
Q: Is it necessary to print the travel tickets?
A: Yes. It is necessary to take the printed travel tickets to be able to exchange them for real ones and then be able to board the bus.
Q: Do children for the full travel ticket
A: This policy varies from a Bus Operator to another, however, on average, children over 3 years old pay for the whole travel ticket and may use an entire seat.