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Travel by Bus in Colombia

The transportation in Colombia has been present since the beginning of the 20th century. The main Bus Operators created their brands around the 50s, however there were already buses and small trucks that drove people from the towns and municipalities to the big cities. This tradition continues to this day for multiple reasons such as the possibility to discover beautiful landscapes, interacting with different cultures and saving costs. Every day, there's a huge number of people that travel by bus to the most wonderful destinations in the country thanks to the options and benefits of doing it in this way.

Road trips are a very pleasant activity, if all the risks are taken care of and if it is done in a safe and very comfortable transportation. Many people travel by bus because of the commodities that this transportation has, which allows them to reach different regions of the country. It is a service that has been present in the history of Colombians and that year after year has been greatly renewed to provide its users and people in general who travel by bus, a very rewarding experience.

The people that travel by bus is a huge number, which exceeds 2 million tickets sold per year. Of course, the dates where more passengers travel are Easter, mid-year, breaks and Christmas holidays, which can extend from November to the beginning of February. It is estimated that an average passenger travels by bus at least in one of these seasons and two or three times more on the rest of the year.

There was a belief that the people who travel by bus belonged mainly to the middle class and that the so-called upper class traveled by car or by plane, but this is not entirely true. The amenities that buses have now and the new roads that have been implemented throughout the national territory, have made this transportation a very attractive and interesting option to take into account, especially for someone traveling by bus to discover new destinations and save costs but also wants to enjoy some of the benefits and amenities that other vehicles do not offer.

Why travel by bus and not by plane?

This is the big question, especially the one that the people who travel by bus asks themselves. Why go by road if you can fly? Is it cheaper to travel by bus? How long does it take me to travel in each one? These are other doubts that contribute to the great discussion.

To answer all these questions, the first thing is to define what will be the place to be visited and then look at what possibilities there are to arrive, because it is very important to take into account that there are remote places, especially towns, municipalities and natural destinations where it is impossible for airplanes to land. These sites are the ideal ones to arrive by bus. People who travel by bus have this clear, and it is for this reason that they prefer to schedule their trip with a single route and a single transportation that take them directly to where they want to go.

Regarding which one is cheaper, the answer will always be to travel by road. While there are low-cost airlines that have harmed the bus industry, there is still a clear price difference between one transport and another. This is a definitive cause of why people travel by bus instead of by plane. What can be saved by a person who travels by bus compared to those who do not, allows them to have significant savings that can use for other expenses that arise on a trip.

As for the duration of the journey, logically a plane will take its passengers in less time, while the bus will take longer. This speaking exclusively of the trip from one point to another, because as mentioned everything depends on the final destination, because if it is a remote place the plane will not be able to arrive and people will have to take other alternatives to arrive. There is where people that travel by bus can cut time and not be so distant.

Another reason for adventure lovers, is the possibility to enjoy the diverse and wonderful landscapes that Colombia has. People who travel by bus frequently does not do it by chance. For them is a pleasure to be able to enjoy the flora and fauna that can be seen from a plane’s window. There is also the option to stop on the road and eat something typical and interact with the people of the region that you are visiting. This is something that can only be enjoyed by the ones who travel by bus.

What are the benefits for people who travel by bus?

Sometimes traveling by road does not seem so attractive, but there are people who travel by bus with some frequency that see it as a very attractive activity. These are some of the more enjoyable reasons.


Enjoying the landscapes that nature offers to those who travel by bus.

Interacting with people in the regions where they pass.

Buying tickets at cheaper prices than by plane and enjoying discounts for people that travel by bus.

Reaching remote places of the country.

Frequent Questions

Q: Do bus prices rise during high season?
A: Not all companies raise their prices, in fact some of them maintain the same value throughout the year. However, a large majority do change their rates according to the season of the year and the number of travelers. People who travel by bus with some frequency can easily notice these changes.
Q: Can I travel with my pet on board?
A: It is one of the most frequently asked questions. It depends on each Bus Operator if pets can travel by bus or not. The few of them that allow it, require that the animals travel in the trunk inside a cage and their presence if forbidden inside the bus. However, it is very likely that during the high seasons pets aren’t allowed, given the large amount of luggage that can be transported that could limit their breathing.
Q: How much luggage can passengers that travel by bus carry?
A: There are Bus Operators that have specific measurements while others don’t, but usually they all agree on a single piece of luggage per passenger and that it must go inside the trunk. In the upper part a small backpack is allowed as it is an essential element for people that travel by bus.
Q: Can I reschedule a bus ticket?
A: Each Bus Operator has its own cancellation and modification policies. People that travel by bus can ask for changes, contacting directly the company with which they bought their tickets.
Q: Must the person who buys the tickets be the same one who will travel by bus?
A: Not necessarily. One person can buy the tickets on behalf of another. The important thing is that the data provided belongs to the person who will travel by bus and not from the person who buys them, in order to avoid complications when claiming tickets.
Q: Is there a charge for buying the tickets on
A: The costs shown in redBus and the terminals are given by each Bus Operator, so the values will be the same. Thanks to this, people that travel by bus can assure that they are buying their bus tickets at a fair price and without leaving their homes.