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Bogotá to Neiva45.000 COPSEE SEATS
Bogotá to Medellín68.000 COPSEE SEATS

3 Simple steps to get your Bus Ticket

Buy your ticket on our website
Buy your ticket on our website
Receive an email with all the instructions
Receive an email with all the instructions
Go to your company's counter to validate your ticket
Go to your company's counter to validate your ticket

Buy Bus Tickets at redBus VS at the Terminal

You can choose your seat, the type of bus and the company you wish to travel with.
Book your bus tickets easily from anywhere at any time
Great deals and Cashbacks for your ticket purchase
24/7 Customer Care
You don't have many options to choose from
You have to go to the terminal and stand in long queues
No discounts or refunds
There is usually no 24/7 assistance

Why buy bus tickets online?

It wasn't going to be long before technological advancements and the culture of online shopping reached the ground transportation industry. Just as it was no longer necessary to go to an airport to get a flight, it was no longer going to be necessary to go to the terminal to buy bus tickets. In both cases, one would only go to these places on the day of travel, already with the tickets purchased.

With a platform like redBus , which offers the option to purchase through its website or mobile application, users can reserve their bus tickets several days, weeks, or even months in advance. But undoubtedly, the great advantage of buying bus tickets online is to avoid all the setbacks and eventualities that can occur at a terminal. In peak seasons, these places are crowded with people who want to travel to different areas of the country and have no problem standing in long lines and waiting for new spots to become available to board a bus and visit their families.

There are several payment methods available. Many believe that online payment can only be made with a credit card, which is not the case. Those who buy their bus tickets on redBus can do so through Vía Baloto, Su Red, or PSE points, where they can pay with debit cards or cash. There is also the possibility that a courier will come to their homes or offices to collect payment for the bus tickets, making it much simpler. Additionally, different promotional codes are offered throughout the year, making online purchasing a very pleasant experience. All these kinds of benefits make going to buy bus tickets at a terminal something obsolete given the great ease of doing it online through redBus.

Benefits of booking Bus Tickets

Buying bus tickets in advance, both online and at terminal offices, is a great idea, especially in high seasons. Here are some of the main benefits of booking bus tickets for later use.

  • Secure one or more seats in a bus.
  • Pay a cheaper price, this in case they rise due to high demand.
  • The possibility of choosing the seat(s).
  • Avoid lines and congestions on the day of the trip.

Why choose to buy bus tickets in Colombia?

Bus tickets are an excellent choice for traveling in Colombia due to the increasing accessibility to buy bus tickets online and the improvements in roads, facilitating transportation and trade between the various municipalities. In addition, redBus allows you to reach remote destinations that might be difficult to reach with other means of transportation.

Where do I buy my bus ticket?

It is advisable to purchase your bus tickets online rather than at the bus terminal. This ensures your seat in advance and avoids long lines. redBus provides a platform with several options of companies, schedules and prices, allowing you to make the purchase comfortably from home. In short, redBus is the ideal choice for your travels around the country.

What services are included in my bus ticket?

Services may vary depending on the company, schedule and fare selected, but they usually include air conditioning, reclining seats, Wi-Fi and on-board restrooms. Some companies offer additional services such as screens and meals. It is advisable to check the details of each company, especially depending on the route and fare chosen.

Bus Tickets in Colombia

Traveling by bus has always been a busy and highly anticipated activity. However, before the bus tickets appeared, this was a disorganized practice. The passengers took the buses where they wanted, got off where they were most convenient, some travel standing, used more than one seat and paid directly to the driver a negotiated price.

In the terminals there wasn’t a price control nor an order regarding the availability in each of the buses. It was necessary to create bus tickets, printed or symbolic, to sell the exact number of seats and all of them at the same price.

Bus tickets contributed transportation in many ways, creating a solid and measurable industry with a higher status than it hat at the beginning. This motivated more people to travel by bus, as the buying process became much easier. Once the seats were full, no more bus tickets could be sold, making trips safer. This helped to reduce the passenger pick up on main roads and traffic congestion. plus contributed the accident prevention.

This system had an organized structure but bus tickets contributed severely with reservations with one or several days in advance. Bus tickets could be purchased on the same day of the trip but having the possibility to buy them in advance allowed travelers to keep their seats so that another person would not booked them and lose their trips. This is something extremely useful and important, especially in the high seasons where bus tickets usually run out in a short time.

More people joined this traveling culture, turning bus tickets in a similar use to those sold in concerts and football matches, where a user became the owner of a single seat. This also allowed a person to buy in advance the bus tickets for its entire family so that everyone could travel on the selected date and not do it separated. Undoubtedly, this helped companies to encourage parents to pay their children's tickets and ensuring them a unique seat too.

Frequent Questions

Is it safe to buy bus tickets online?
Buying online bus tickets, through platforms such as redBus, is very safe. The data protection policy makes transactions reach where they should do so and that the information does not fall into wrong hands.
How many bus tickets can I buy online?
Although more than one ticket can be purchased in the same transaction, the maximum number of bus tickets that can be purchased per user is 6. If you want to buy more than 6 bus tickets, you can buy them in a new transaction.
Is it necessary to print bus tickets to travel?
Yes. Bus tickets purchased online must be printed in PDF format in order to be exchanged for physical tickets at the box office of the company with which you are traveling.
Are the prices of bus tickets at the ticket offices the same as those purchased online?
In both cases, who gives the values of the bus tickets for each one of the routes are the Bus Operators. Therefore, the price of a particular route has the same value regardless of where it is purchased.
Can bus tickets be purchased by a person other than the one who is traveling?
Yes. Anyone can buy tickets, both online and at the ticket office, on behalf of another person. The fundamental and indispensable thing is that the data of the person who is going to travel are provided.
How long can bus tickets be purchased in advance of the traveling date?
There is no specific date, as it varies from a bus operator to another one. Bus tickets are booked on average between one or two weeks before the trip, although there are companies that allow bus tickets to be purchased months in advance.
Where can I buy bus tickets online?
redBus offers many routes so you can get where you want without any complications and with the lowest prices. What are you waiting for to buy your ticket?
When should I buy my bus tickets to secure cheaper fares?
redBus offers low prices throughout the year, giving you several alternatives, among different operators, so you can choose the one that best suits your pocket. In addition, we have offers and discount codes throughout the year. What are you waiting for to book your next trip?
Are there options to change the date of bus tickets after purchase?
Trip rescheduling and date changes depend on the bus company of your choice. Please contact them directly for more information.
How do I know I have successfully booked my bus ticket with redBus?
When you purchase your ticket on redBus, you will receive an email confirmation. You can also log in to your redBus account and check in the "My Tickets" section. There you will find details about your reservations, including the status of your ticket.