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About the Land Transport Terminals in Colombia

The culture of riding a bus and the high demand that this service has led to constant changes in the transport industry. It started with small trucks that transported passengers from one town to another and then took them to the nearest cities. With the appearance of Bus Operators, new routes were created allowing more people to use this service. With so many destinations, users took a bus that rode them and leave them close to the place they wanted to reach. This led to the creation of a bus terminal in cities and towns for an easy access to public transport.

A bus terminal is a station located in a strategic point of the main cities, towns and municipalities where people go to buy their travel tickets to a specific place. Also, a bus terminal is the place where buses arrive from a particular destination and leave the passengers they bring on board. The bus terminal is the place where users take buses to leave where they want to go and the point of entry of those coming from other regions.

Just as it was necessary to create airports for the movement of airplanes and passengers, the appearance of the bus terminal was essential. This allowed not only to create an order and a solid structure of road transportation, but it greatly motivated more people to be encouraged to travel by road, by being clear about the point of the city where they should go when they wanted to travel and not to walk around the streets searching for a bus that went to where they needed to travel. Having all the bus companies that leave and arrive at the city, town or municipality gathered at the same point, allowed people to realize all the possibilities they had to travel.

What services does a bus terminal have?

Initially, a bus terminal was a building where buses arrived and departed, and in which people waited to be picked up. Over time, and thanks to the high influx of users that came to this point day after day, the concept of bus terminal was changed, creating solid and complex structures with a series of services necessary for the comfort not only of travelers, but the large staff that is part of a bus terminal.

The concept of a bus terminal as a place to have a pleasant experience beyond being an establishment where it was simply expected to be picked up, changed dramatically at the beginning of the 80s. It started with several waiting rooms with large chairs and of course variety of bathrooms, many of those with showers for travelers who wait to take their buses. Over time, TVs were introduced to make the stay in the bus terminal more enjoyable. The screens each time were bigger and with time they weren’t only for entertainment, but also to show the bus itinerary so that people knew how much time to board and thus not have any setbacks.

There are places where the bus terminal was the starting point for the construction of several buildings around it, such as shopping centers, hotels and restaurants. All this focused on the large number of people who go on a daily basis to a bus terminal, so that they have a good time and find all they need for their stay in the place they had just arrived. There are places where there are even football fields around the bus terminal to make the waiting much more entertaining. The irruption of WiFi also had its contribution, helping the travelers sitting in a bus terminal to be connected with their work, studies or just be entertained.

Drivers have new benefits inside the bus terminal since they had to stay in their vehicles all the time. Now they can descend and have a place designated for them inside the bus terminal where they can rest and take the necessary strength to undertake a new route and thus give the passengers more confidence and security. Additionally, nurses and health points were created to cover any eventuality in a fast and timely manner.

All these advances have allowed a different concept to be given to the bus terminal beyond being a waiting place. Of course, not all municipalities in Colombia enjoy all these benefits that are seen more frequently in the big cities, but it is a goal that is being developed towards offering a better service to passengers, workers and drivers who form the bus terminal in each of these places.

Main destinations with a Bus Terminal

The main capitals of Colombia have a bus terminal, where they receive and dispatch thousands of buses on a daily basis. A large number of towns and municipalities also have a bus terminal for the transfer of tourists.

These are some of the cities that have a bus terminal.

Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Bucaramanga, Armenia, Manizales, Pereira, Popayan, Santa Marta, Pasto, Villavicencio, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Tunja, Ibague, Neiva, Cucuta, Florencia, Valledupar, Riohacha, Monteria, Sincelejo y Quibdo.

Among the towns and municipalities that have a bus terminal, these are the most prominent being the ones with the most users every day:

Tulua, Sogamoso, San Gil, Pitalito, Pamplona, Ocaña, Melgar, Ipiales, Honda, Girardot, Garzon, Fusagasuga, Florencia, Espinal, Duitama, Caucasia, Buga, Buenaventura, Arauca, Aguachica, Sahagun, Guatape, Pailitas, Tame, Plato, Corozal, Apartado, Saravena, Carepa, Chinchina, La Dorada, El Santuario, Campoalegre, Marinilla, Arboletes, Puerto Gaitan, Caqueza, Chinu, La Mesa, Maicao, Granada, Aguazul, Magangué, Tolu, Planeta Rica, Taraza, Cimitarra, Codazzi, Lorica, Puerto Berrio, Cerete, La Ceja, Andes, La Apartada, Salento, Aipe, San Jeronimo, Yopal, Curumani, Chigorodo, Facatativa, Yarumal, Barrancabermeja y Socorro.

Frequent Questions

Q: How long in advance should I arrive at a bus terminal for my trip?
A: The departure times of each bus are already established. Passengers who don’t arrive at the time of departure, have the risk of losing their trip. For this reason it is recommended to arrive at the bus terminal with one or two hours in advance to avoid any eventuality and thus be able to carry out all the procedures for boarding in a calm way.
Q: Does a bus terminal open 24 hours?
A: The schedules of each bus terminal are subject to schedules of the buses, depending on the time the last bus arrives or leaves and at what time the first bus leaves or arrives at the next day. A bus terminal in the main cities has more movement than the ones in towns, having full days where users can be 24 hours a day in a waiting room, although services such as cafeteria may not work at certain times.
Q: Where do travelers take the buses in towns and municipalities where there isn’t a bus terminal?
A: There are few towns and municipalities that don’t have a bus terminal. In these places it is common to leave and pick up passengers in places such as parks, central squares, shopping centers and main roads.
Q: Can I get off before arriving at the bus terminal?
A: Although there are cases in which people get on and off away from the bus terminal is not very common nor is it the most recommended as it alters with the order, being the main reason why these facilities were created. The best thing will always be to see a bus terminal in the same way as people see an airport.
Q: Is it cheaper to buy tickets on redBus or at the bus terminal?
A: The price is the same for each of the routes, buying both redBus or in the bus terminal. In both cases who gives the value of each ticket is each of the bus companies.
Q: Can I store my luggage at the bus terminal?
A: This is a recurring service. The travelers that visit to a place for one or two days usually leave their bags at the bus terminal they just arrived, in order to travel with no ties and have the possibility to pick it up when they come back. It is possible that some bus terminals don’t have this service but usually they do.