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About Arauca

Arauca is a colombian department located in the extreme north of the country's Orinoco region. It limits to the north and the east with Venezuela, to the south with the departments of Vichada and Casanare, and to the west with Bocaya. Its name could have two origins: it could come from the Arahuacos, one of the indigenous ethnic groups that inhabited this territory, or from the bird called Arauco. In 1917 the independence of Arauca was declared, in 1955 the territory was announced as a category of the national administration, and in 1991 it was erected like department. The main economic activities in Arauca are oil exploitation, ranching, agriculture and trade.

Travel tips for Arauca

If you have planned to move around the regions in Colombia, you might be asked to have the yellow fever vaccine. Other vaccines that you should consider -in case you travel to rainforest areas- are the tetanus vaccine and the hepatitis A/B.The electric current kind used in Colombia is 110-volt AC (110 V), with a frequence of 60 Hz. We recommend you to have a plug adapter if you travel to places that use other voltage to avoid that the electronic devices suffer a short-circuit and don't work.If you are traveling by road, for safety and to avoid delays check if the routes are enabled or closed.

Arauca weather

Best time to visit Arauca

The best month to visit Arauca is december because they celebrate Santa Barbara de Arauca’s holidays. In this dates locals and visitors gather to participate in religious and cultural events.

Climate in Arauca

The climate in Arauca is Tropical. The average temperature is 74.66° F (23.7° C), and the average annual precipitation is 2087 mm. The warmest month is march, with an average temperature of 75.56° F (24.2° C), and the coldest month is october, with an average temperature of 73.58° F (23.1° C). There is precipitation during all the year, the driest month is january.

Things to do in Arauca

Nightlife in Arauca

Deluxe Diamonds Discoteca

Location: Between 17th street and 24th road, Arauca
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Exclusive nightclub that offers a good atmosphere to share with friends. It is perfect for dancing trend music.

Where to eat in Arauca

Tocc & Coffee + G

Location: Calle 23 No. 21 65 Esquina Arauca
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Restaurant with excellent service, it offers varied dishes, drinks and cocktails.

The tourist places to see in Arauca are

Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy

Location: At the border between the departments of Boyaca and Arauca
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Beautiful natural park that has several access routes. It has diverse ecosystems and great variety of flora and fauna.

The things to do in Arauca

Parque del monumento al Cacao

Location: Via Arauquita- Arauca, Arauquita, Arauca
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Park with a monument to cacao built to honor the efforts of the Arauca’s producers.

Typical dishes in Arauca


Colombian tamales made with pork, creole chicken, peas, carrot, corn flour, rice, banana leaves, oil and dressings.

How to reach Arauca

Arauca by train

Currently, there is no passenger train service arriving in Arauca.

Arauca by flight

Arauca has three airports: Santiago Perez Quiroz, Los Colonizadores and Gabriel Vargas Santos. All three operate domestic flights.

Arauca by bus

Arauca has roads that connect it with several cities in the country. The distance from Medellin to Arauca is 512.6 miles (825 km), and the approximate journey time is 23 hours. The approximate price of the ticket is 139099 COP. The distance from Bogota to Arauca is 445.5 miles (717 km), and the approximate journey time is 12 hours 25 minutes. The distance from Barranquilla to Arauca is 590.7 miles (950.7 km), and the approximate journey time is 18 hours 21 minutes.

Accomodations in Arauca

    Hostel Kundur

    Location: Calle 4 #1301, Barrio Guapiuy, Chachagui, Arauca
    Price: 78 000 COP
    Hotel that offers rooms with private or shared bathroom, bed linen and free WiFi. Also, it has a pool, garden, terrace, bar, games room and tour information office.

Important dates in Arauca

December 4thTraditional celebrations that honors the patron saint of the locality. Settlers organize religious and cultural events such as horse races, donkey races, cockfights and dances.

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