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Tax Meta is an organization dedicated to the land transport service, which satisfies its clients both nationally and internationally, and provides security, comfort and quality of service, It has an excellent human talent and an avant-garde automotive park, with regional coverage. Taxmeta, in search of improving the conditions of passenger land transport in the development of its economic activity, has a firm commitment to manage activities that promote the prevention of traffic accidents that may affect its workers, customers, contractors and visitors. This is why all workers who drive their own vehicle or affiliated with the company are responsible for actively participating in all the activities programmed by the company, in order to achieve the objective of this policy. For the company, the most important thing in road safety is the human factor, which is why the spaces for the development of training and / or training activities oriented towards the prevention of traffic accidents are encouraged. Management allocates the necessary financial, human and technical resources to comply with this policy.

Tax Meta┬┤s Contact and Phone Number

Tax Meta┬┤s Phone: (+57)(8) 662 63 20 Email:

Taxmeta Bus Service On Board

  • Air Conditioning
  • GPS Tracking
  • TV and Audio

Cancelation Policies

The client can cancel 4 hours before the hour of the journey and this will not have any penalty charge.

Taxmeta┬┤s Agency

  • VILLAVICENCIO; Villavicencio┬┤s Agency; Calle 27 #36a-23 ; Phone: 6626320