Terminal De Bolivar Bus

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Bus From Terminal De Bolivar

RoutesNumber Of BusesFare Starts From (COP)
Terminal De Bolivar to Terminal De Vado Real223000.00VIEW PRICE
Terminal De Bolivar to Terminal De Bucaramanga252000.00VIEW PRICE
Terminal De Bolivar to Terminal De Aratoca240000.00VIEW PRICE
Terminal De Bolivar to Santana220000.00VIEW PRICE
Terminal De Bolivar to Barbosa215000.00VIEW PRICE

Bus To Terminal De Bolivar

RoutesNumber Of BusesFare Starts From (COP)
Terminal De Barbosa to Terminal De Bolivar212000.00VIEW PRICE
Terminal De Vado Real to Terminal De Bolivar218000.00VIEW PRICE
Oiba to Terminal De Bolivar222000.00VIEW PRICE
Terminal De Socorro to Terminal De Bolivar226000.00VIEW PRICE
Terminal De Oiba to Terminal De Bolivar222000.00VIEW PRICE

About Terminal De Bolivar

Terminal De Bolivar in Bolivar is a popular bus pick-up and drop location among bus operators and travelers. A number of commuters prefer to take a bus from Terminal De Bolivar due to its easy accessibility throughout the day. Passengers can travel comfortably after they choose their pick-up and drop locations in Terminal De Bolivar while booking their bus tickets online. Terminal De Bolivar is organized and is easy to explore.

Popular Bus Operators at Terminal De Bolivar

There are a number of operators who provide valuable transport services in Terminal De Bolivar. Every bus comes with neat and clean interiors. They also ensure that every passenger's comfort and safety is a top priority at all times. Some of the popular bus operators are:

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Benefits of buying a Bus ticket in Terminal De Bolivar

Being an important pick up and drop location point in Bolivar, Terminal De Bolivar offers a large number of routes that interconnect our country. It also offers a large number of bus companies that provide services to all travelers interested in getting to know Colombia, those who want to have a business trip or those who want to visit their families.

Why book bus tickets with redBus?

Our customers will be able to avail active offers and cashback promotions. They can enjoy their bus ride at an affordable price. Our simple, fast and secured bus reservation procedure will keep all your transactions safe. We would suggest booking your tickets in advance (not mandatory) and experience our amazing discounts.


Q: How do I contact the customer service department of redBus, Colombia?
A: If you need help with your purchase or if you have any questions about a particular bus operator or route, you can contact the redBus customer service department in Colombia by dialing +57 1 381 6508 or by sending an email to contacto@redbus.co
Q: How can I know the bus operators that go to or from Terminal De Bolivar?
A: In redBus, you can find that information in the section of Popular Bus Operators. There you’ll find the popular bus operators which we work with and that go to or from Terminal De Bolivar.
Q: Do I need to carry my tickets once I have bought it through the mobile app of redBus?
A: It is not necessary. When buying with redBus, a ticket in digital format will arrive in your inbox. The day of your travel, go to the terminal and search the counter of the bus operator, present the ticket we send you and the bus operator will give you another one.
Q: How many hours in advance should I be in Terminal De Bolivar to change my e-ticket?
A: It is recommended to be with 1 hour in advance at the counter of Terminal De Bolivar to be able to change your ticket of redBus for that of the bus operator.
Q: Do I need to make an account on the redBus website to buy a bus ticket?
A: No, you do not need to make an account with redBus to book a ticket. But it is advisable to make an account to help speed up the buying process the next time you want to travel. Also, redBus offers a number of discounts and offers which you can easily access and use if you are registered.
Q: Can I choose the type of bus with which I want to travel?
A: Of course you can! You’ll see the many options that the bus operators offer when you complete the search bar with your pick up point, destiny and onward date.
Q: How can I buy my tickets to Terminal De Bolivar with redBus?
A: The process is very easy. Go to the search bar and write Terminal De Bolivar in the pick-up point or destiny field, then select your travel date and click the search button. redBus will show you the different options to travel, you just need to pick the bus operator of your preference, your schedule and buy!
Q: I forgot to buy my return ticket, where will I find counter that can help me?
A: The vast majority of terminals have an area for buying and selling tickets. There you can buy your return ticket with the company of your choice. You can also buy your return ticket through the redBus mobile app, it is easy, fast and you do not need to register. In addition, we accept various payment methods.
Q: What happens if the bus does not leave at the time my ticket dictates and / or is canceled?
A: These logistical problems and their solutions need to be consulted directly in the counter of the bus operator.
Q: How many hours in advance should I buy my ticket?
A: This information varies depending of the policies of each bus operator and the number of seats available. Our recommendation is to buy your ticket two days in advance.