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Buy Taxis Verdes Bus Tickets

Use the search engine and find your Taxis Verdes bus tickets. We recommend you buying Taxis Verdes bus tickets online quickly! It is safer, faster, and you do not need to print your ticket or register at a travel agency.

About Taxis Verdes Bus Company

Taxis Verdes is a transport company with a long tradition in the road transport industry in Colombia. Not only is it dedicated to the taxi business in Bogota, an activity that has dominated since its creation in 1954, but has a strong presence in the bus business with its Lineas Verdes modality. The routes that Taxis Verdes offers are focused mainly towards the south of the country in destinations such as Espinal, Neiva, Melgar, Florencia, Garzon, Gigante, Pitalito, La Plata, Ibague and San Agustin, among many other places of great interest.

Taxis Verdes’s Buses stand out for providing a safe, agile and very comfortable service, using modern buses in the preferential modalities, busetones and aerovans, with a wide list of elements that make traveling in Taxis Verdes a memorable experience. In addition to working on the welfare of its passengers, Taxis Verdes has a strong policy to preserve the environment.

Taxis Verdes also handles cargo and parcel services to different regions of Colombia, mainly in the delivery of envelopes, documents and small packages of up to 5 kg of weight and volume, transportation of raw materials, machinery, appliances and cargo in general , offering home collection at no cost.

Taxis Verdes' Services

Taxis Verdes's onboard services include: Regulated air conditioning, bathroom, reclining seats, electrical connectors, GPS monitoring and seat belts.

Taxis Verdes' Routes

Taxis Verdes´s main routes are:

● Bogota - Neiva 

● Neiva - Bogota 

● Bogota - Pitalito 

● Bogota - San Agustin 

● San Agustin - Bogota 

● Bogota - Garzon

● Neiva - Ibague 

● Bogota - La Plata 

● Neiva - San Agustin 

● San Agustin - Neiva

Taxis Verdes' Telephone and Mail Information

● Telephone ☎: 4111152

● Email ✉:

Taxis Verdes Bus Company

Taxis Verdes is a well-known company that defines itself by its desire to satisfy the needs and expectations of passengers who use long-distance buses to travel. Taxis Verdes is backed by a fleet of modern buses and is supported by a professional team who are highly trained. The operator strives to provide quality service that encapsulates their punctuality, concern for safety, and comfort.

Taxis Verdes On Board Services

  • Air Conditioning
  • Restroom
  • Reclining Seats
  • Electric Chargers
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Seatbelts

Cancelation Policies

Cancellations in Taxis Verdes must be made up to 2 hours of the trip. The client can request the ticket change with a time limit of up to 180 days with a 0% penalty. For changes and postponements, call 313 4787170. 

Taxis Verdes´s Agency

  • Bogota ▶ Address: Calle 17 #68D - 54 ☎ Phone: 4111152

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What is the difference between Taxis Verdes and Lineas Verdes?
Taxis Verdes is a road transport company where there are taxi services, parcels and intermunicipal buses. The modality of intermunicipal buses is known as Lineas Verdes. Therefore, Lineas Verdes is part of Taxis Verdes and not the other way around.
With how much anticipation should I arrive at the Terminal to board my bus?
If the ticket was previously purchased, with 20 minutes before the bus leaves it is enough. If the ticket has not yet been purchased, it is recommended to arrive between 30 minutes and one houin advance, and even more according to the season of the year in which you are going to travel.
How many bags can I carry?
Taxis Verdes’s passengers may carry a piece of luggage up to 25 kilograms in the bus’s trunks. Any weight greater than the allowed one may also be transported, but an additional value will be charged.
In what time can I buy my bus tickets?
In Salitre’s Terminal, Taxis Verdes offers a 24-hour customer service and sale service 7 days a week. In the South terminal, the sales and service hours are from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. The purchase of bus tickets through is available at any time of the day.
How many tickets can I buy with Taxis Verdes in a single purchase?
For purchases at Taxis Verdes’s offices there is no limit for purchases or reservations. As for you can buy a maximum of 6 tickets per transaction.
Do I need to print my bus ticket before boarding?
Yes, you need to print your bus ticket before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print the ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format. Then, it will be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company.
How can I pay my bus ticket in the redBus website?
In redBus we have many payment options that we offer to our clients. The most popular payment option are the credit cards but you can consult all of them in the home page of the website
Do I have to pay any surplus to use to buy my tickets through redBus?
The prices that are handled in redBus are the same that are handled in the ticket offices and agencies of each of the bus operators.
Can I buy the ticket in someone else's name?
Yes. A person other than the one who is traveling can buy tickets online. The important thing is that the passenger data is noted in the document to be printed and delivered at the different ticket offices.
Is redBus a bus comany?
redBus is a platform that connects travelers with different bus companies so they can travel through the different destinations in Colombia. redBus does not have its own vehicles, but is an intermediary between the users and the companies that provide the service.