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Lusitania Bus Company

The history of Lusitania goes back to 1951, when the bus company was founded under the name Chiper S.A. and after 10 years the name changed into Empresa de Transportes Lusitania Ltda. A group of 20 partners met together in Rionegro (Santander) to create a solid and efficient company in every task they do. Lusitania was born with the commitment of providing a public terrestrial transport service under the system of urban, district and municipal buses; the services they provide are transport of passengers, taxi service, cargo, special and mixed, always keeping in mind the best quality, efficience and security in all the services. Furthermore, the company looks for generating a conscience of prevention and self-regulation of their vehicles, with transparency and commitment. The security of the passengers is vitally important for the company, reason why they look for harmonize the security measures of all the people who travel by bus with the constant improvement and modernization of their automobile park; besides the support to the technical progress through inspection programs and preventive maintenance service. The personnel of the company is constantly trained to implement the necessary mechanisms to guarantee the highest security in the service.

Lusitania┬┤s Contact an Phone Number

Lusitania┬┤s Phone: (7) 637 7711 - (7) 6377829 Email:

Lusitania Bus Service On Board

  • Reclining seats
  • Air conditioning

Lusitania's Agency

  • BUCARAMANGA; Bucaramanga's Agency; Calle 23 # 15 - 31 ; Phone: 6420077

Cancelation Policies

The client must notify an hour before the departure of the bus. If it notifies, the journey can be reschedule within the next 7 days. If there's no notification, the ticket will be lost and there wil be no refund. In rare cases and if redBus still has the money, there can be a refund, only if there was a privious notification of cancelation.