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Closure of the Bogota - Villavicencio Road

Due to the avalanches that caused the overflowing of the Puerto Grande stream in Naranjal K50+100 and Estaquecá K40+200, the Bogotá - Villavicencio road is closed in both directions. Please take the necessary precautions and contact your bus operator.

State of the roads in La Guajira department

Currently, the main roads in La Guajira are blocked, keeping the Troncal del Caribe blocked at the Mayapo district, preventing free transit to municipalities such as Manaure, Uribia and Maicao along this road. Please take into consideration when traveling, and consult with the transportation operators about the state of the roads.

Passages for Migrants

IMPORTANT: Haitian immigrants who wish to travel by bus before purchasing their tickets must fill out the documents and forms required by government entities at the ticket offices of the bus companies. If they fail to do so, the transportation companies may refrain from transporting them and in turn refrain from refunding the bus ticket.

It is applicable but not limited to the following routes:

  • Pasto - Medellín
  • Cali - Medellín